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OMG Nail Hacks: Nail art tools from home


Admit it. Nail art can be tricky without the necessary nail art kit to help you achieve the posh nails that you want to achieve. French tips? Gradient nails? Ombre? Polka dots? Well, OMG has good news for you! Fret no more as we listed down things that you can use as nail art tools that can be easily acquired from the comforts of your own home!


1)      Sponge


Ombre nail sponge prep



Make gradient/ombre nails a lot easier using an old make up sponge. Make sure to paint your nails with the base coat that you want (We recommend OMG White Out).  Then choose the colors you wish to mix and arrange them the way you want your ombre to look on your nails. Dab the sponge in the nailpolish (no double dipping so as to not ruin the colors) then press firmly unto the nails. . Finish off with a clear topcoat and you’re good to go!


2)      Glue




Run out of polish remover but you need to cover up your nails with polish for a date? Don’t worry. Just apply glue to your nails, let it dry and coat on your favorite polish to captivate your date. The glue will act as the base coat of your nails so once the date is done, you could easily just tear the nail polish of your nails! It is also highly recommended to use this method if you are going to wear glitters/ gems polish. It is much easier to use this trick rather than spend hours trying to remove the glitter residue off your nails.


3)      Masking Tape/ Tape




French tips can be tricky even more with beginners. To make life easier, use masking tape to act as lining to your nails then paint away! Make sure that the tape is pressed firmly before painting. You can also make a stripes design using cut outs of tape.


4)      Bobby Pins




Polka dots on the go! Every girl has their own stash of bobby pins in their kikay kit! Make use of them to make polka dots nail art design. Bobby pins can be used as an alternative dotting tool plus it is also available almost everywhere (Admit it, you always see bobby pins lying somewhere)


5)      Candle/ Baking powder




Want that matte effect on your nails? Well fret no more! Just apply your favorite coat of polish then drag it along the steam of a lighted candle stick (5 inches away, as long as your fingers don’t feel the heat). Your nailpolish will be mattified in seconds! Don’t like the idea of heat? Maybe you could just add baking powder to your favorite nail polish and make sure to mix them well before applying to nails. Or you could make your own matte topcoat by mixging clear nail polish with baking powder. Matte nails anyone?



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