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3 Effective OMG Ways to Stop Nail Biting


You’ve tried everything from sucking up a lollipop down to wearing mittens on a hot Sunday morning but you still can’t get enough of biting your nails. Everyone has bitten their nails once or twice, but did you know that nail biting may mean lots of things? According to WebMD, nail biting has been linked to anxiety, stress, boredom, and even obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Without proper attention, nail biting can cause damage to your nails and skin since it is a form of cannibalistic behavior. To avoid going Hannibal on your nails, here are some of the proven techniques to finally move on from nail biting.


    • Keep them short!


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Trim your nails short all the time. Why? Simply because no nails means no nail biting! This will prevent you to bite into your nails because you won’t have any nails to bite. Set a timetable for trimming your nails like every after showering.


  • Divert your mindset: Meditate.

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Since nail biting has been closely associated with stress and anxiety, it may be helpful to divert your mind into activities which would help relieve your stress. Try getting a class in yoga, tai chi, or Pilates. These systems of exercises help train the mind and increase mental awareness which allows you to be fully committed to stop nail biting.


  •  Get your nails OMGeefied


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Dress your beautiful nails with nail polish. Behind that lavish color and finish, nail polish has a sour-bitter taste that will definitely discourage you from biting your nails. Make sure you choose OMG nail polish since even if you do bite your nails; you are surely safe since it’s made up of non-toxic materials. Don’t go over the top though and still bite your nails off!


If any of these techniques do not work, seek professional help. There may be another reason for this habit which could to a more serious psychological problem.

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