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7 Things you don’t know about Nail Polish


You think you know everything about nail polish? You may want to think again. There’s so much more to this cosmetic product that meets everyone’s senses. 


    1. Some are allergic to nail polish!


You read it right; some are unfortunate being that they cannot use nail polish. Most ladies are allergic to nail polish and its okay, better than okay because this is usually every woman’s gem when it comes to their nails. Formaldehyde was the main ingredient that is irritating but the good news is, lots of brands have been released which do not have formaldehyde and is made with natural ingredients.

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  1. The fridge is the perfect storage for nail polish.

The cold temperature works best for nail polish. Thus, the best storage place for nail polish is the refrigerator. Make sure to close the bottles properly to avoid spilling. This allows the nail polish to last longer unlike storing nail polish in a temperate room.

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  1. Always have a base coat and top coat!

Make the extra effort to have a base and top coat when applying nail polish. Not only will this protect your nails, it will also help make your nail art last longer.

  1. Take nail polish breaks for your nails.

Your nails have to breathe once in a while. Don’t just reapply nail polish every after application. Just like your skin, it needs the rest from cosmetic products. Always know that moderation is key and too much of everything is not good.


  • Quick-dry nail polish dries your nails.

Careful with that quick-dry nail polish, even if it makes your life easier and dries your nail art a whole lot faster, it dries your nails. Quick-dry polish has a special drying ingredient that is harmful for your nails if used almost all of the time.


  1. Three strokes is all it takes to have a complete polish!

Three strokes is all it needs to have a full polished nail. Apply thin layers of your chosen lacquer and not thick ones since the thick layers can easily peel off.

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