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12 OMG Ways Nailpolish can be Used (other than nails)


If you’re a polish hoarder and think that they are limited to nail arts and French tips. Think again!  Listed below are different ways where you can put your nail polish collection into good use.

1)     Seal the sparkle




Keep the sparkle of fancy jewelry by lightly coating them with clear nail polish. Inexpensive or fake jewelry can lose their luster through time as air causes the metal to change color by oxidation.




Lock out air from hitting the metal with the coat of polish. It will also keep the jewelry looking new. Just make sure to apply the polish upon purchase of jewels as this trick will not work on already-tarnished accessories. No more faded marks of jewelry on your skin.


2)     Vintage with a twist




Revamp old jewels with a pop of color by lightly coating bright polish coats. Got a huge collection of studded earrings but don’t know how to bump up its old state? Just mix and match colors from neon hues to neutral shades and paint while holding its back in your hand.




For huge vintage rings that are too rustic for your taste, paint over the fading or chipped off parts of your jewelry to improve its original design.




3)     Glam it up!

Spice up your regular bobby pins by adding a little bit of color to your hairstyle.




Slip pins onto a note card and coat bobby pins (the top) with a variety of colors that fit to your liking. Have fun with bright colors and glitter polish!




4)     Needle through



It can be frustrating if you’re trying to fish frayed thread through a tiny needle’s hole. Save time by running the thread over a base or top coat.





The coat of polish will seal the frays and once dried, will be hard enough to go through the needle’s eye much faster.


5)     Polish to the rescue



A clear top coat can do wonders in saving your favorite piece of clothing from unraveling. Loose buttons at work when you’re about to have a meeting? Keep that button on hold by adding a top coat to strengthen its thread. A run in your tights during a special event? Salvage your favorite stockings or tights from getting more damaged by painting a topcoat on the tear.

For fashion emergencies, keep a small bottle of clear polish in your “kikay” kit and brush that damage away.


6)     Color on point!

Elevate your high heels by adding a pop of color! Use opaque or highly glittered polish to paint the sole of your heels.





To make the job a lot easier, use a fluffy paintbrush and apply a second coat once the first coat dries. Just remember to use masking tape to avoid paint from getting on to the actual shoe.


7)     Quick fix to your kicks

When you’re in vacation mode and the long walk damaged your fave kicks. Fret no more. A matching polish color can paint over those mini scratches away.





Diminish scuffs on leather shoes by painting over a matte topcoat. If you don’t have a matte topcoat on hand, just use a clear topcoat instead. Just rub them once applied to reduce the shine.





For colored heels, try finding a matching color tone of polish.





Make sure to test it on your nail first to make sure that the color of your shoe matches with the polish.




8)     Adhesive Alternative

Run out of glue? Clear nail polish to the rescue!




Just dab a small amount of polish and wait until it dries up. A clear polish is also perfect for securing loose screws, retuning loose jewelry stones or sealing envelopes.




9)     Organize in style



No one wants clutter on their desk on a busy week. Keep it neat and tidy by storing important files in organized folders color coordinated by nail polish. Just choose a specific color to represent personal letters, project papers, bills etc. Then simply paint the folder tabs with the polish of your choice. You may also write labels on them once paint dries.


10)  Rainbow of push pins



Make push pins 2.0 with colorful polish! Play with colors and paint over the heads of push pins to add sass and fab. You may also paint the entire pin in one solid color then using a dotting tool, add black and/or white polka dots. Be creative OMG girl!


11)  Crafty paperweights

Beach season is almost over but you can still feel the summer vibe by making use of the lovely shells or rock you picked on your trips.





Just put a drop of clear polish on ¼ cup of water (depending on the size of your preferred paperweight) in a wide rimmed cup/pan and let it spread out over the water surface. Dip the rock/shell slowly into the water and hold it firmly until all surface is covered. Let it dry on top of a newspaper and bam! You got a crafty paperweight you can use on your desk or as a gift to friends. You can also use OMG's 2-way nail art tool to add intricate details and you're good to go.




12)  Color-Coded Keys



Remember which key is for which lock by color coding keys with polish! Choose a color to differentiate between house key, garage, car, locker etc. and paint your keys accordingly.  Not only will you be able to key in faster, your keys will also look pretty to look at. You may also add in a clear top coat to seal the keys from oxidation (see jewels).



Don’t let nail polish be bottled up in one use! Think we missed out a few tips? Like us on Facebook page and share to us what other ways that you can use your nail polish with. Also follow us on Twitter and on Instagram for more nail care tips and tutorials.

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