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Back-to-school inspired nail art as easy as 1..2..3


It is back-to-school season and we couldn’t get more psyched by the nail art ideas we got for you. To share this to you OMG girls, we made an easy step-by-step tutorial to guide you in making these magazine-worthy nail art designs as well as which OMG product is best suited for each style. Make the school’s hallway your runway as you wear these polished tips as an added sass to your basic uniform.

1)     Chalkboard


What you'll need:
OMG Mojito
OMG Matte Potion
OMG Touch of Tan
OMG 2-way nail art (White Out)



1.) Apply 2-3 coats of OMG Mojito or until nails are fully coated. (You may also use OMG Black out) This will act as your base coat and the board. Let it dry in between coats for longer lasting polish.

2.) Apply 2 coats of matte potion. Wait for 15-20 minutes for it to dry or until the OMG Green base coat is mattefied.




3.) Once dry, make a lining on the tips of the nails. (Or make a basic but thicker version of a french tip). Use OMG touch of tan or any brown hued colored polish.

4) Using OMG 2 way nail art brush tool(white out) as the chalk to your chalkboard, write your basic alphabet letters or your 1,2,3s. Let it dry.




2)     Crayons




What you’ll need:

OMG Set of colors (We used Salsa, Banana Boat, Neon Pink, Neon Blue, Neon Green)

OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (BLACK OUT; WHITE OUT)



A)    Apply 2-3 coats of  colored polish of your choice in your nails. You could do different colors for every nail or one color for all your nails. Let it dry.

B)    Line your nails a thick horizontal line on the middle part of your nail (see part on the photo below) using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Blackout).


C)    Once dry, using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (White out), draw a curvy line like the drawing below. This will serve as the paper that surrounds the crayons.


D)    Finish off with a clear topcoat.

3)     White Padpaper



What you’ll need:

OMG White out

OMG 2-way nail art brush tools (SALSA; ATLANTIS)

OMG Clear Polish



A)    Apply OMG Whiteout as your base coat. 2-3 coats of polish will do. Let it dry.


B)    Make a thin straight vertical line on the left side of the nail using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Salsa).


C)    Draw 3 thin horizontal lines using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool(Atlantis) that will intersect with the red line made earlier. It should look like a pad paper once finished.


D)    Finish off with a clear topcoat. You may also draw shapes, figures, fruits or write letters and numbers as additional details using OMG’s dotting tool or nail art brush tool collection. Doodling has never become this much fun!

4)     Pencil



What you’ll need:

OMG Banana Boat

OMG Salsa

OMG Black Out

OMG Gems Pearl



A) Color your nails with 2-3 coats of OMG Banana Boat.


B) Make a thick lining on the tip of your nails (just like the one we did on the chalkboard) using OMG Salsa. Do not be afraid to make it too thick as we will be painting on it later.



C)  Once dry, apply OMG Gems Pearl on the middle part of your nails. Cover the excess red paint (if you made it too thick). Make sure to not overpaint this area(this could be tricky). Make sure that the yellow are are still visible. (Otherwise, this wouldn't be a pencil at all). You could use masking tape as your guide for this. Just make sure that the base coat and the red tip are fully dried.

D) Line the OMG Pearl using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool(Blackout) with 3 horizontal lines. And bam, there goes your pencil!



5)     Ruler


What you’ll need:

OMG Banana Boat

OMG 2 way nail art brush tool (Blackout) or OMG dotting tool + OMG Black out



A) This is much easier than the other nail art designs. First, apply 2-3 coats of OMG Banana Boat as your base.

B) Make the lining of the ruler using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool(Black out). Alternately, make long and short lines. Then add dots to complete the look. (Or just follow the design we did)

C) Last coat of clear polish and there you have it, your very own ruler inspired nail design!








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