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Be magnetized with the OMG Gems Hematite!



The dark allure of the "blood stone" can now be worn with your daily OOTD with the OMG Gems Hematite! Every stroke of polish definitely shouts G-L-A-M-O-U-R that plays in between fierceness and charm.

Learn the secrets of this iron based stone and be captivated by its mystery as OMG polish-of-the-month.
The mesmerizing look of the Hematite stone is widely known because of its many interesting qualities. For one, it's a unique looking stone that are heavy and compact and appears similarly to a steel. In ancient times it has been called a blood stone, as when scratched, scraped or polished purposely,  seems to be bleeding, forming stains that looks like blood.  In present times, hematite stones look more polished, and a mixture of silvery gray-black in color. However, naturally, most hematite is red with rust, as it is  an iron oxide ore. The Hematite stone is also considered as a talisman which protects its wearer as extracts the negativity of the body perfect for healing, meditation, stabilization and protection. Surprised?


A hematite stone is best made into a ring and worn on  the left hand. It's dark shiny exterior screams both depth and sophistication perfect for any outfit.  Seductive and charming, classic yet modern, mysterious and enticing, this stone is a look that combines all the contradicting features. The glitz of this neutral shade fits best with black and/or white wardrobe paired with a fresh face and a luscious red lips.
Wear the OMG Gems Hematite with any occasion with every posh outfit and have all eyes on you with the hypnotic look of this polish. Just apply 2-3 coats of polish and you're aces!
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