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Be Real and Feel Real with OMG Gems Beryl


The stresses of everyday life are a lot to take especially if you are working. What more if you have three jobs? Unlike men, women deal with stress differently. Oftentimes, they let it bottle up and then cry to let it all out. Instead of ruining your mascara, why don't you treat yourself with some sunny shade on your hands?




OMG Gems Beryl has a golden shade which is specifically derived from the Heliodor Beryl. In the world of colors, yellow is associated with joy, happiness, and delight. Dermatologists say that stress could reflect on your nails so it is important to get yourself plenty of sleep and relaxation activities like manicure and pedicure.


Experts say that the gem Beryl brings out creativity and intelligence while reducing tiredness at the same time. Most artists carry this stone as a talisman since they always needed a muse for their masterpieces. Heliodor Beryl is also known as a healing stone for the emotionally distressed people. This stone helps in resolving disputes and fights.


The golden Beryl is also used to cure asthma, liver disease, eye problems, and even leprosy. However, it should be noted that this nail polish does not cure the disease directly.




If you intend to wear this nail polish on your tips, here's a quick tip for you. Use nail polishes to bring out your personality but make sure to let your nails breathe in between manicures. Accordingly, your nails are healthiest when there are no polishes. Lacquers dry out the nails making it brittle.


It is best to use nail polishes during special occasions because a healthy nail is a happy nail. To all ladies out there, remember that you do not have to live your life filled with stress, there are lots of things that you can do to relieve yourself off the stress of work, try polishing your nails! Go ahead!

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