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Nail Polish: C.O.L.O.R.S


Without colors, the world is pure transparent, imagine that. But with colors, the world is purely alive.

Nail Care: Rainy Season


How is your nails during rainy seasons? I know that we can not avoid wet feet during rainy days. It is because of the logged streets that we go through. It has a lot of germs and bacteria that can cause us unhealthy nails and skin too. So I will share to you the 5 tips to take care of your feet during rainy season.

Go Indie with OMG


The meaning of indie has evolved overtime from being an independent pop group to a slang term for hipster. Despite this fact, the indie style is seen as one of the trending nail art styles for 2016. If you need to know more about indie styles, read on to find out how.

OMG: What does your nail color says about you?


Do you notice what nail polish color do you typically choose to wear all of the time? Or are you one of those girls who love to experiment with different mani styles depending on their mood? Well ladies, believe it or not, your preferred polish says a lot about your personality. Want to know which lady are you? Read on.

OMG Nail Art Inspirations for Halloween


Have you heard it? OMG Nails' Nail Art Inspirations is back and we are too excited to celebrate Halloween! No need to fear ladies because we have easy-to-do nail arts that you could wear with your fabulous costumes. Be a trick and a treat with these nail art designs we saw on Pinterest that are to die for.

Be magnetized with the OMG Gems Hematite!


The dark allure of the "blood stone" can now be worn with your daily OOTD with the OMG Gems Hematite! Every stroke of polish definitely shouts G-L-A-M-O-U-R that plays in between fierceness and charm.

Learn the secrets of this iron based stone and be captivated by its mystery as OMG polish-of-the-month.

Ruffian Nails


The good thing about trends are that they might lose their luster once but they will definitely get back from time to time. And with every trend, there's innovation, upgrades that make every style elevated intoa whole new level. One of the hottest trends this month is a revamped classic french tip, the Ruffian Nails. Learn more about it.

Nail Art Inspirations for the Rainy Season


It’s that time of the year again when we have to say goodbye to summer and say hello to the rainy season.

12 OMG Ways Nailpolish can be Used (other than nails)


If you’re a polish hoarder and think that they are limited to nail arts and French tips. Think again!  Listed below are different ways where you can put your nail polish collection into good use. 1)     Seal the sparkle     Keep the sparkle of fancy jewelry by lightly coating them with clear nail polish. […]

OMG NAILPOLISH OF THE MONTH: Shine Bright from head to toe with OMG GEMS Diamond!


“Frost yourself.” We all know that line from the popular chic flick, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. Well chicas, did you know that you can definitely frost yourself with glam with just a stroke of polish on your hands? Shine bright like a diamond, from day-to-night as we present you OMG Gems […]