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OMG Gift Ideas for Christmas


Hey OMG Girls! Just a few days before Christmas and you all know what that means? It's gift giving time! Here's a list of OMG gift ideas for the nail polish lovers out there. Whether it's for your mom, sister or bff, we've got something for everyone.

OMG Speak: What are your worst nail disaster experience?


There are just things that you can't control especially with mishandled manicure. We asked you ladies what might be your worst nail disaster experiences.We listed a few of the most common nail disasters and made a recommendation on how to avoid having the same dilemma over and over again.

OMG One Dip: Polish remover on-the-go


Summer season is almost over and admit it, we all love pairing our bikinis with a pretty set of freshly polished nails in variety of colors. However, too much time on the beach causes chipped nails almost every time and when it comes to removing nail polish, the process is extremely exhausting, messy and time-consuming. Well fret no more! OMG has found the solution to your problems.