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Mia Dela Torre Dizon: "Just a Girl with a Hobby"

Oh My Girls Speak: What is your best Back-to-School nail style?


It’s been a while since we last heard the voice of our OMG ladies. But now we’re back! It is back-to-school season and we are curious to what our girls think is the best style that fits every school girl’s fashion.

OMG Speak: Why Should You Put On Nail Polish?


Let’s get things straight, not all women put on nail polish. For people who love nail polish, people always ask why so we have to put on nail polish.

Oh My Girls Speak: Which OMG Nail Polish color fits your style?


Every lady has her own style; it may be chic, sophisticated, rock, or sweet. Whatever style you prefer, there is an OMG color for you!

OMG Spotlight: Sheryne Villazon


A lover of nail polish and an Instagram crawler, her love for nail polish grew from applying plain nail polish to doing nail art.

Oh My Girls Speak: Why Choose OMG?


Why should you choose OMG? Read on to find out what OMG ladies (and gents) say!

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