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OMG News: Use of Nail Polish allegedly related to Weight Gain


Yes! We know, we're shocked too. Harper's Bazaar recently revealed that some brands of polishes contain harmful chemicals that can affect our body, one of which is gaining weight. Read on for more information. You don't want to miss this!

OMG Spotlight for the Month: Christina Reyes Perez


From time to time, OMG looks for one lucky nail blogger to swatch for us. We recognize hidden talents that are destined to be under the spotlight. This month the winner of our nail art contest, a certified nail art aficionado, shined bright as our spotlight for the month. Get to know our lucky lady, Christina Reyes Perez (@christinails.21).

“OMG’s New Partner-in-Crime”: Mariel Aviado Bernardo


OMG Nails just found a new partner! Just recently, we picked one of our avid followers who keeps a nail blog account to swatch for us. We believe that there are talents that are waiting to have their moment to be in the spotlight. Our lucky pick who shined for her wide range of designs, creativity and expertise is none other than Mariel, also known as @hotmomsnailarts. Get to know her more! Our OMG’s spotlight for the month!



Joan Abigail Tasani: “Traveling in style”

In OMG, everyone has their inner talent that deserves to be in the spotlight! For the month of July, we asked our lovely OMG Girls to try to make nail art inspirations from the rainy season. One entry shined for its creativity, technique and its relevance to the theme. The person behind it is Aby also known as @mylittlenails04. We get to see more of her as she is OMG’s spotlight of the month!



Mia Dela Torre Dizon: "Just a Girl with a Hobby"

OMG Spotlight: Sheryne Villazon


A lover of nail polish and an Instagram crawler, her love for nail polish grew from applying plain nail polish to doing nail art.

OMG Spotlight: Justine Jen Cortel


Now on the OMG Spotlight! Justine Jen Cortel! Know more about her and her OMG experience!