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Cuticles 101


Ever wonder what's that piece of skin that overlaps your nail and your skin? Well we all know it's called a cuticle but what does it really do? Do we even need them? Is it safe to remove them? This and many more will be answered in this article.

Keeping the love spirit with OMG Nail Polish


The love month is about to end but that doesn't mean ladies can't have L-O-V-E spilled all over their style. OMG Nails can help you achieve stylish nail designs to pair with your drop dead gorgeous OOTDs. Get Cupid's approval by trying out these nail art designs we found on Pinterest. Read on for an easy step-by-step guide!

Go Indie with OMG


The meaning of indie has evolved overtime from being an independent pop group to a slang term for hipster. Despite this fact, the indie style is seen as one of the trending nail art styles for 2016. If you need to know more about indie styles, read on to find out how.

OMG Gift Ideas for Christmas


Hey OMG Girls! Just a few days before Christmas and you all know what that means? It's gift giving time! Here's a list of OMG gift ideas for the nail polish lovers out there. Whether it's for your mom, sister or bff, we've got something for everyone.

OMG NEWS: Fake(?) OMG Nail Polish Spotted!


Last November 2015, we spotted this OMC(Oh My God!) nail polish brand in a Chinese overrun store that we will not be disclosing due to respect to the store's confidentiality. We noticed how this brand's logo resembles our brand. We also found out that most of these OMC polishes are being sold in "tiangges" in the streets of Manila.

Here's our official statement regarding this matter:

What Does your nail shape says about you?


Nail trends have evolved through the years but even if they come and go, we often stick to our favorite nail shape. Well OMG Girls, did you know that our go-to nail shape says a lot about us?

Must-have OMG Make Up Tools


Yes, you read that right. OMG Nails does not only sell nail polishes and nail art tools, we are also now expanding into the make up world! We now give you these cute and chic make up tools to help you achieve a glamorous look from head to toe.

OMG Nails 101: Treat your way to Happy Feet


Our feet are probably the most neglected yet the most abused part of our body. It’s time to rekindle our relationship with them and treat them well with these D-I-Y foot spa tips brought to you by OMG Nails Foot Spa Tools and Accessories.