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OMG News: Where can I get OMG products?


Most of our clients ask us where they could get OMG products. As much as possible, we want to make our products available all throughout the country. Find our products at branches of our partners, nationwide.

Here's the complete list of partner stores where you could get our products.

Make your own Matte Top Coat as easy as 3 steps!


The matte effect, a polish that's entirely devoid of any shine, is perfect for all seasons for girls who wants to look chic, edgy and sophisticated. To mattify your polish, you could either get a matte top coat or a matte polish. Well, good news ladies? Because now, we will show you how to make your D-I-Y matte topcoat with three ingredient and three simple steps!

Must-have OMG Make Up Tools


Yes, you read that right. OMG Nails does not only sell nail polishes and nail art tools, we are also now expanding into the make up world! We now give you these cute and chic make up tools to help you achieve a glamorous look from head to toe.

OMG Nails 101: Treat your way to Happy Feet


Our feet are probably the most neglected yet the most abused part of our body. It’s time to rekindle our relationship with them and treat them well with these D-I-Y foot spa tips brought to you by OMG Nails Foot Spa Tools and Accessories.

OMG Speak: What are your worst nail disaster experience?


There are just things that you can't control especially with mishandled manicure. We asked you ladies what might be your worst nail disaster experiences.We listed a few of the most common nail disasters and made a recommendation on how to avoid having the same dilemma over and over again.

OMG Facts: What you don’t know yet about your nails


We recently read this Huffingtonpost article on what we still didn't know yet about our nails and we were left in shock! We listed some of the best O-M-G facts and see our reaction in GIF.

“OMG’s New Partner-in-Crime”: Mariel Aviado Bernardo


OMG Nails just found a new partner! Just recently, we picked one of our avid followers who keeps a nail blog account to swatch for us. We believe that there are talents that are waiting to have their moment to be in the spotlight. Our lucky pick who shined for her wide range of designs, creativity and expertise is none other than Mariel, also known as @hotmomsnailarts. Get to know her more! Our OMG’s spotlight for the month!



Joan Abigail Tasani: “Traveling in style”

In OMG, everyone has their inner talent that deserves to be in the spotlight! For the month of July, we asked our lovely OMG Girls to try to make nail art inspirations from the rainy season. One entry shined for its creativity, technique and its relevance to the theme. The person behind it is Aby also known as @mylittlenails04. We get to see more of her as she is OMG’s spotlight of the month!

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