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OMG Gift Ideas for Christmas


Hey OMG Girls! Just a few days before Christmas and you all know what that means? It's gift giving time! Here's a list of OMG gift ideas for the nail polish lovers out there. Whether it's for your mom, sister or bff, we've got something for everyone.

OMG Nail Art Inspirations for the Christmas Season


It's the time to be merry! Christmas season is here and we couldn’t get more psyched by the nail art ideas we got for you. Are you ready? We provide an easy step-by-step tutorial to guide you in making these magazine-worthy nail art designs using very few OMG items. Have a sassy holidays!

OMG NAILPOLISH OF THE MONTH: Release your inner Queen with OMG Gems Sapphire


Feel majestic for 24/7 with just a stroke of polish on your hands as we introduce you to the beauty of OMG Gems Sapphire!

Be magnetized with the OMG Gems Hematite!


The dark allure of the "blood stone" can now be worn with your daily OOTD with the OMG Gems Hematite! Every stroke of polish definitely shouts G-L-A-M-O-U-R that plays in between fierceness and charm.

Learn the secrets of this iron based stone and be captivated by its mystery as OMG polish-of-the-month.

Ruffian Nails


The good thing about trends are that they might lose their luster once but they will definitely get back from time to time. And with every trend, there's innovation, upgrades that make every style elevated intoa whole new level. One of the hottest trends this month is a revamped classic french tip, the Ruffian Nails. Learn more about it.

OMG NAILPOLISH OF THE MONTH: Feel treasured with the allure of OMG GEMS Pearl


Simple, rare and seductive. Be lured to the mystic of the ocean while radiating purity and innocence with the OMG Polish-of-the-Month: Pearl

Nail Art Inspirations for the Rainy Season


It’s that time of the year again when we have to say goodbye to summer and say hello to the rainy season.

Calm escape with OMG GEMS Aquamarine!


Feel the warmth of the sea even with summer gone with the OMG Diamonds Aquamarine.

Oh My Girls Speak: What is your best Back-to-School nail style?


It’s been a while since we last heard the voice of our OMG ladies. But now we’re back! It is back-to-school season and we are curious to what our girls think is the best style that fits every school girl’s fashion.

12 OMG Ways Nailpolish can be Used (other than nails)


If you’re a polish hoarder and think that they are limited to nail arts and French tips. Think again!  Listed below are different ways where you can put your nail polish collection into good use. 1)     Seal the sparkle     Keep the sparkle of fancy jewelry by lightly coating them with clear nail polish. […]

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