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Nail care for the summer season


Summer is probably the most perfect time to experiment with different bright polish colors. But it's also the season that your body is definitely more prone to be more sensitive because of the blast of the heat from the sun. You might assume that your hair and skin suffer the most but did you know that our nails are actually more prone to breakage this warm season? This is not the time to be hiding your nails in the sand ladies! Whether you’re hitting the beach or just lounging by the pool, keep your nails looking cool despite the heat by following this nail care tips for the summer season.

12 OMG Ways Nailpolish can be Used (other than nails)


If you’re a polish hoarder and think that they are limited to nail arts and French tips. Think again!  Listed below are different ways where you can put your nail polish collection into good use. 1)     Seal the sparkle     Keep the sparkle of fancy jewelry by lightly coating them with clear nail polish. […]

OMG Speak: Why Should You Put On Nail Polish?


Let’s get things straight, not all women put on nail polish. For people who love nail polish, people always ask why so we have to put on nail polish.

OMG February Frenzy: Valentines with OMG Nail Polish


If you think you have the skills and the passion to make a nail art that speaks romance and shouts OMG, then we want to see you shine!

Feel Fiery and Feisty with OMG Gems Citrine


Presenting the OMG Gems Citrine, an OMG Gems collection polish that brings out that hidden fire in every woman!

Top 3 foods to Keep Your Nails Healthy


Have you checked your nails lately? Yes, we understand that you have just changed to a new shade of nail polish, but underneath that color, what’s up with your nails?

OMG Spotlight: Justine Jen Cortel


Now on the OMG Spotlight! Justine Jen Cortel! Know more about her and her OMG experience!

Top 5 Nail Polish Hacks Every Woman Should Know


Wanna know the secret to perfect nails? Check this out!

Oh My Girls Speak: Why Choose OMG?


Why should you choose OMG? Read on to find out what OMG ladies (and gents) say!

How to Apply Nail Polish


You have finally bought your first ever OMG nail polish! The question is how do you apply it then?