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Food for Thought: What to eat for stronger nails?


"When you look good, you feel good." Just as much as looking good must definitely come from the inside. Taking care of your body will definitely attract good vibes around you when you know that you're beauty is not only seen from the outside but also skin deep. Just as much as how our nails must not only look good but are also strong to keep that polished-nail perfection longer. And what better way to protect yourself from the nightmares of brittle-chipped nails than to know what food to eat in order to achieve that stronger nail diva in you!


OMG Nails listed down some of the foods to consider in your next grocery list to ensure tougher nails:

1) Foods rich in protein 

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Your nails and hair are actually made of the same kind of protein called keratin. Therefore, loading protein-riched foods in your diet is the way to go. Good news for red meat lovers! You just got an excuse to eat a juicy steak as it is packed with protein and also iron which is also essential for your hair and nail health. Just don't go overboard as you don't want to lose that bikini body specially this summer season. Also, red meat is high in saturated fat so eating a lot of it can increase the risk of several health problems (plus muffin top-Yikes!). For those who aren't really carnivores in nature, you could try eating alternative foods with the same level of protein benefits such as beans, soybean/tofu, lowfat dairy, nuts and whole grains.
2) Foods rich in Biotin

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Biotin (a.k.a. vitamin H) aides the body to metabolize protein-building amino acids as well as it also helps in promoting healthy cell growth. Once your body has a biotin deficiency, your nail tend to get more brittle and weak as well as your hair are more prone to get split ends and hair fall. Oh no! It's time to load up with foods like eggs(which is also rich in  calcium and vitamins A and E which may help improve bone health and eyesight), lentils (a good choice for vitamin B6 and sulphur amino acids) and carrots (enriched in vitamin B6 and beta-carotene for better eyesight). Biotin supplements are also made avaialable now for those with major biotin deficiency issues.
3) Foods rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

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The three active ingredients—alpha-linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid— aside from being heart friendly, are all essential fatty acids that plays a big role in getting a moisturized glowing skin and healthy, dandruff-free hair. It also reduces inflammation of the skin caused by the daily strains of the environment which is a good news for the healthy development of your nail plate.  Eat more fish like salmon which is also a good source of biotin and protein. You may also intake fish oil supplements and you will see the results of this foods with your glowing hair and skin and stronger, longer nails.  You just hit two birds with one stone!
4) Foods rich in Zinc

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Do you know the dark secret of weak nails that can't seem to grow longer and prone to breakage? It's actually the lack of zinc in your diet! Zinc is a big player in regulating the body's ability to make new proteins which are the building blocks of healthy hair and nails so if your body lacks it. You're in big trouble! Zinc deficiency also causes white spots under the nails that are not only unpleasant looking but also an indication that you may have a weaker immune system. Clicking the panic button? Don't worry. Just enjoy the bountiful treasures of the sea and eat lots of seafood such as lobsters and oysters.  Fortified cereals, beans and cashews are also good sources of zinc.
5) Fruits and Vegetables

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Yes,  fruits and vegetables made it to the list! Surprise surprise. Well sorry for those who aren't into leafy greens and fruit fiestas because they are actually what your body needs for generous amount of minerals and vitamins that will give you healthy and stronger nails (and overall fit body!). We already mentioned carrots but you can also load you fridge these foods: dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach(rich in *1 vitamin A, *2 calcium and *3 iron),  bananas (*4Vitamin B6), berries and grapes (high in *5 antioxidants).
*1 Vitamin A is improves eye health and immune system function.
*2 Calcium can help strengthen the nails just like bones.
*3 Iron prevents curving of the nails.
*4 Vitamin B6(vitamin B) helps the process your body uses to get or make energy from the food you eat.
*5 Antioxidants help protect the cells in your body.


Know any more foods that you think are not only yummy but healthy to give you that stronger attitude when it comes to nails? Leave your suggestions and comment below! Also like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and on Instagram for more nail facts, nail care tips and OMG Nails updates!


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