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Get the Ms. Universe Look with OMG’s Blue Shades


Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is probably one of the most famous ladies in the Philippines right now. After winning the 2016 Ms. Universe crown, she has gained lots of haters and fans alike. Among all the photos of Pia, one of the most memorable was her walk in the blue Albert Andrada evening gown. In one article, blue seems to be the color of Pia, wearing a blue gown and winning a blue crown, blue is in fact her favorite color as well. If you are an OMG lady and a fan of our Ms. Universe, then OMG has tons of blue for you to get your own Pia Wurtzbach look!

Source: Manila Bulletin

OMG Atlantis
Summon the powers of an ancient island! Sink into this wonderful blue abyss and bring truth to legends. OMG Atlantis is a light shade of blue which you could pair with almost anything. This color of the sky symbolizes intelligence and is believed to be related to exude depth.
OMG Bahama Blue

The perfect place for finding love and relaxation, put this Bahama blue on and fly your way to paradise! OMG Bahama blue is a dark shade of blue that is perfect for evening special occasions. This classy nail lacquer symbolizes confidence and is associated directly with stability.


OMG Neon Blue
Feel like a kid with this neon shade of blue! If you're bright and bubbly, this one's certainly for you. OMG Neon blue is a color fit for the kid in you, you don’t have to be a teen to wear this; you just have to feel like a teen. This color gives off a calming effect and exudes the freedom you enjoy, like the open blue sky you see in the morning.


OMG Navy Blue
Feeling nautical? Pair this navy blue shade with white to accomplish that look. Unlike the usual color of Navy, OMG Navy blue, is more of the pale blue color which is actually healthy for the mind and the body.


Still can’t get enough of blue? OMG has more in store for you! Check out the video in this link for more OMG Nail Polish in blue hues.
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