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The meaning of indie has evolved overtime from being an independent pop group to a slang term for hipster. Despite this fact, the indie style is seen as one of the trending nail art styles for 2016. If you need to know more about indie styles, read on to find out how.


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Have fun with lines
Most indie nail art designs carry lines, from curvy lines to zigzag lines. Most indie nail art designs have Aztec or tribal patterns. These patterns draw attention to the nails and give your overall look, no matter how plain it is, the right upgrade it needs.



Go Vivid and Neon
If you have that one neon nail polish which is just gathering dust in your closet, it’s time to bring it out! Indie nail art designs go for bright colors and those unusually bright ones paired with black and white designs. The great thing about indie patterns is that it tones down the brightness of the neon color. You don’t have to be afraid that you’ll look like a traffic sign or a glow stick. You just have to have the guts and the confidence to carry it on your nails, and you’re on to be the talk of the town.

It’s all about Shapes and unique patterns
Lines and neon colors are not complete without the repeated patterns and shapers. Often, diamonds and triangles are used to show the power and pop every indie design should have. Other graphics which you could incorporate on your nail art are arrows, dream catchers, and even pentagrams. Don’t mistake this as gothic designs, the bright colors set this apart from the gothic nail art.

Indie styles could just be about every style there is, what sets it apart from the normal designs is its originality. With the proper lines, tools, and colors, you can go indie all throughout. OMG would like to provide the proper tools for you. Learn more about our products by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and on Instagram. Keep posted for more updates on nail art tutorials and OMG promos!

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