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Let Your Beauty Flow with OMG Gems Fluorite


*Photo by by Macroscopic Solutions via Flickr

Upon hearing the word Fluorite the first thing that pops into your head would probably be toothpaste. Well ladies, it’s not what you think. OMG Fluorite comes in a shade of purple inspired by the gemstone Fluorite which is believed to promote the overall wellness of the mind.

Bottle Fluorite.jpg

Flourite gemstones often come in the shade of purple. This is why they are brightly purple or fluorescent under the ultraviolet light. These stones also come in the colors of yellow, blue, and even green. You probably haven’t seen much of this stone in jewelries but in ancient times, they are used as decorations for goblets.


According to Crystal Cure, Fluorite can absorb negative vibrations and is known as the “Genius Stone.” Thus it helps one to concentrate and even helps in decision-making. Moreover, this stone promotes calmness, development of the mind, and relieve stress and anxiety. Like other gemstones, Fluorite has healing properties which are good for cleansing the aura. 18th century healers crush this stone and mix it with water to relieve the symptoms of kidney-related diseases. Also it is believed to stimulate cell regeneration in the respiratory tract, bones, and improve joint conditions. All these is what inspired OMG to come up with a nail polish that can promote self-love and calmness to go about your everyday hectic routine.


Carrying a shade of purple, this shade is a perfect combination of fiery red and calm blue. Just like the OMG Gems Amethyst, this combination of a color walks with royalty and eccentricity. To note, purple is associated with the month of February, reason why those born in this month has a gemstone of Amethyst.


Fluorite 2.jpg


OMG Gems Fluorite is best with the color yellow, silver, and other neutral colors. If you are adventurous with colors, you may pair this shade with any color there is so long as you take note of contrast. You may even pair this nail polish with pink and lavender which shows femininity and grace.


Wear this shade on any occasion and you’ll surely be the envy of every lady across the hall. Try some ombre nail art with OMG Fluorite and you could turn this formal nail polish to a fun lacquer showing your true identity and personality. Remember that each shade of nail polish that you wear greatly affects your mood and overall outlook in a day so if you are having a hard time deciding on some things at work, try painting your nails with OMG Fluorite and let us see what happens.

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