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Nail Art 101 for Beginners


As fashion continues to evolve over time, nail polish has found its own evolution with the rising trend in nail art. With just a few flicks of brush, nail art has become an epidemic that no one’s stopping!


Whatever color or style you wear, there’s always a room for you in art. White, black, red, blue, yellow, plain nail colors could be designed with crystals, beads and other media. With the vast possibilities nail art has to offer, ladies are going gaga over nail art. If you’re wondering how this goes, let’s see you try it for yourself!


Choose a design and Nail the look!


When picking out for a design, consult the internet. Yes, Google it and look at the different images available. Remember that it does not have to be too complicated. After all, you are just a beginner so stick to two to three colored nail art. If you fail after one or two strokes, try again! It’s your nails anyway. After choosing a design, you are one step towards smashing nail art.


Pick the right PROPS


Apart from different shades of polishes, you will need different tools for nail art. Don’t worry because this will not cost you a fortune. Actually, if you look around your house, you’ll be surprised that you already own most if not some of these tools.


• Bobby pins (you may also use the pens that have run out of ink)
• Scotch tape
• Scissors
• Paint brush or make-up brush (particularly a fan brush)
• Circular band aids
• Beads or crystals (Make it quick, nail polish dries up quickly so putting on beads or crystals should be quick)
• Clear and Matte nail polish (OMG’s matte lacquer works great for nail art)
• Keep your imagination open!




Don’t limit your creativity to what you see in pictures. Let your mind flow and if you want to try something out, do not be afraid to do so. Nail art is not required for you to be beautiful, clean nails is still the key. So get yourself a manicure or at least cut your nails properly before doing your art work. Don’t forget to put the clear nail polish over your masterpiece once each day for three days. This will make your nail art last a longer time.


What are you waiting for? Take a selfie, post it, and flaunt those tips!

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