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Nail Art Inspirations for the Rainy Season


It’s that time of the year again when we have to say goodbye to summer and say hello to the rainy season. Here at OMG we want to welcome the sweater weather with a sizzle with these nail art inspirations for the rainy season. Be one with the rain and enjoy a warm cup of tea while trying to work with these cool nail art designs we saw on Pinterest.  We tried making some on our own and made an easy step-by-step guide for all OMG Girls out there. All are super easy and guess what? All these magazine-worthy nail art designs can be made using OMG products! Let’s get it started.

1)        Raindrops

Raindrop Nails: Essie Bikini So Teeny

Photo via Pinterest

What you'll need:

OMG Cloud
OMG Gems Aquamarine
OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (White Out)




  • Apply 2-3 coats of OMG Cloud unto nails except the ring finger. Let it dry in between coats for longer lasting polish.



  • Apply 2 coats of OMG Gems Aquamarine unto your ring finger for added drama.



  • Using OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (White Out) create the droplets of rain effect unto the coated nails. Do not overdesign. You may also use OMG Dotting tool as an alternative. And there you have it: simple yet classy with texture.




Verdict: Draw a cloud on to make the nail art more believable. Ours slightly looked like a simple design of polka dots.

2)     Rainbow


Easy Nail Designs for Beginners,,

Photo via Pinterest


What you’ll need:

OMG White Out

OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Salsa, Banana Boat, Cloud, Mojito)



  • Apply OMG Whiteout as your base coat. 2-3 coats of polish will do. Let it dry. (For nail drying techniques, click here)





  • Using the first color from your set of OMG 2-way nail art brush tool, make a diagonal line of your preferred side unto the tip of your nails. Then line again with the next color until all colors are formed like a rainbow on your nails.(You can use 5-6 colors or better yet all the ROYGBIV colors!)




  • For an added effect, you can also draw a cloud on top of your rainbow. Once dry, you may top if off with a clear polish and you’re good to go!







Verdict: This is definitely not a stroll in a park! We’ve had a hard time lining the nails simultaneously as one color can mix with the other colors once applied. For a smooth finish, you can use small strips of post its/small cut out of masking tape and use them as outline for painting your rainbow.



3)     Clouds



Cloudy day nails are so easy and cute, even on sunny days! #nailart #easynails

Photo via Pinterest



What you’ll need:

OMG Atlantis

OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (White Out)

OMG Clear Polish




  •    Use OMG Atlantis as your base coat. Paint your nails 2-3 coats.



B)    Once the base coat is dry, you may use either the OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (White Out) or OMG Dotting Tool to draw mini clouds on your nails.




C)    Finish off with a topcoat.







Verdict: Totally do-able! (Tip: We recommend using OMG Dotting Tool if you’re not a pro in using the nail art brush tool)


4)     Water Drop


One Stroke Waterdrops Nail art over Cirque Bejeweled + Tutorial - Lucy s Stash

Photo via Pinterest



What you’ll need:

OMG Gems Sunstone

OMG Clear Topcoat




  • Color your nails with 2-3 coats of OMG Gems Sunstone. Let it dry. (Don’t you love this color?)




  • Drop blobs of clear top coat on your nails. You can also add drips to make it more realistic.



  • Let it dry for about 10-15 minutes.(It will took too long to dry because the blobs of clear polish takes time too dry)




 Verdict: It's not that noticeable in the photo but it really does work! And it's super easy. Plus, you can also use your old gooey clear polish to make this. Actually much easier to use!



Any more suggestions on nail inspired designs? Inspire us! Like us on our Facebook page and share to us your suggestions and feedback. Also follow us on Twitter and on Instagram for more nail care tips and tutorials.


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