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Nail care for the summer season


Summer is probably the most perfect time to experiment with different bright polish colors. But it's also the season that your body is definitely more prone to be more sensitive because of the blast of the heat from the sun. You might assume that your hair and skin suffer the most but did you know that our nails are actually more prone to breakage this warm season? This is not the time to be hiding your nails in the sand ladies! Whether you’re hitting the beach or just lounging by the pool, keep your nails looking cool despite the heat by following this nail care tips for the summer season.



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Don't be afraid of the word diet. Summer is actually the best season for cleansing while also trying to achieve that summer bod. Also include in your diet plans to consume fresh fruits and vegetables and foods that are rich in vitamins E and C. Also drink lots of water to avoid dehydration! This is actually a double whammy as you're just not going to attain your bikini body goals but you will also be providing enough nutrients to your body which will not only protect your nails but also your entire body. See our full article on foods that are good for your nail health here.


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Keep in mind that there will be A LOT of instances that your nails are prone to different infections as summer time is all about outdoor activities such as swimming, camping etc. So maintain a habit of taking care of your nails. Constantly wash your hands to remove dirt from getting under the nails and pat them dry to avoid fungal infections. Apply cream and oil to keep your cuticles from drying. Nail growth is also faster during this season which leads to nail breakage. Make sure to trim and file your nails regularly. A proper hygiene can go a long way. Also read our article on nailing your common nail problems here.


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We know that summer brings out the polish freak in you.  You might get excited with the different bright polish colors to match your beach OOTD but remember that since you'll be spending more time outdoors, nail polishes with strong chemicals might do more damage than glam.  Take some time to let your nails breathe for a while. If you feel like your nails are feeling weak and brittle, stay away from any polish, even the best products, for at least three months. We know that it can be inviting to have that pop of color to match with your colorful bikinis but you don't want to lose that healthy nail forever right?

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