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Nail Care: Rainy Season


How is your nails during rainy seasons? I know that we can not avoid wet feet during rainy days. It is because of the logged streets that we go through. It has a lot of germs and bacteria that can cause us unhealthy nails and skin too. So I will share to you the 5 tips to take care of your feet during rainy season:

1.) Always keep your feet dry.


You can wear shoes or rain boots instead of slippers or sandals. Shoes or rain boots offer more protection from fungal and bacterial infection.


2.) Always keep your feet clean.


If you get wet, wash with water immediately at home. Wash it with soap and water (better to use warm water so that you can't catch cold.) and wipe your feet with clean towel.


3.) Always keep your feet healthy.


You can apply moisturizer after you clean your feet. It can avoid dry crack feet.


4.) Always keep your nails short.


It's better to keep your nails short because germs and bacteria can gather underneath your nails.


5.) Always keep your footwear clean.


Do not wear wet shoes because your skin becomes sore and itchy. And it also bad to your sole because it can cause trench foot.

Just follow the 5 Tips so that your nails becomes CLEAN AND HEALTHY during rainy seasons.

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