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Nailing your nail problems the OMG way


Did you know that there are a lot of different nail problems that we think are normal but are actually not. Yikes! Can't seem to have  long nails last? How about weak, bendy and flaking nails? You might treat them as a simple problem but they may actually be a sign of  dehydration or vitamin deficiencies. Time to wake up to the alarms of our nail angel and read on!


Different factors lead to discoloration of nails: smoking, strong polish chemicals and an illness (omg!). To turn nails back to their natural color or at least lighten them, make your own homemade scrub by mixing lemon juice with sugar and olive oil. Just rub them on and leave for a few minutes. Hand spa in seconds! You may also use an optical nail whitener for an instant fix.


No matter how long or how hard you try to get nails longer, if it's not having an increase in length, it may be because of bad circulation in your hands. Those who live in locations with cold weather have this problem as the temperature affects the growth of the nails. Massage hands frequently to increase blood circulation to your hands resulting in nail growth.


Nails that break easily are often lacking in flexibility and might bee to hard.  It's a common misconception that when a nail breaks easily, it automatically means that it needs a nail hardener to strengthen them. Wrong! They may actually break nails more. Use products that both strengthen and increase flexibility of the nails.


When nails appear flaky with separate layers almost coming apart, you have a case of flaky nails. It is actually one of the most common nail problems. Stay away from nail hardener as they may worsen the situation. Use nail serums with urea, calcium and vitamin b5 designed to bring moisture back to nails. Also drink lots of fluids as flaky and weak nails are signs of dehydration. Nails are very important to your body as they act as your protection to your fingers which we basically overuse with our everyday activities. So make sure to take care of your overall health starting with the nails.  Got any tips that you'd like to share to us?

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