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Oh My Girls Speak: What is your best Back-to-School nail style?


It’s been a while since we last heard the voice of our OMG ladies. But now we’re back! It is back-to-school season and we are curious to what our girls think is the best style that fits every school girl’s fashion. So we asked you! As posted in our Facebook page, here is our status update:




It’s the month of June and most of our OMG girls are loading up their bags with books, lunchbox and a mindset open for new knowledge. But how about their nail art fashion do’s and don’ts? Most schools do not allow nail polish in their student’s handbook but most of our Kikay ladies are good in finding ways to wear their inner diva. Here are some examples:





Nudes are definitely the easy go-to for sophisticated, clean and minimalist look.  Why not try OMG Touch of Tan for that subtle yet chic polished tips?


For the creative ones, some ladies prefer pop of colors in their nails to achieve a seemingly whiter complexion.



You guys can achieve the same using OMG Salsa (perfect for dates), OMG Mojito, OMG Cloud etc. The more colorful it is, the more fun it looks!


The era of French tips, who didn’t try this at home while you're binge watching Mean Girls? You can even use colorful polishes to line the tip of your nails to add more drama to the usual white lined, clear polished look. You could still achieve this using OMG Nails White Out and OMG Clear Topcoat! Or better yet, make use of the OMG Gems Collection or the neon colors to add some twist to the usual french tips.




For the working ladies who are not enclosed in the school’s hallway  anymore had fun reminiscing their then fab nail arts back when they used to make fashion statement with their uniform. Some even made D-I-Y nail arts using materials you can find in school such as old newspapers and magazines!





We are definitely inspired by the different types of nail styles shared to us. Do you have anymore school-inspired nail art style you may want to share with us?

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