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Oh My Girls Speak: Which OMG Gems do you like most and why?


Life is too short to wear boring nails. And admit it OMG Girls, nothing beats the feeling of having a box full of colorful polish in your closet. OMG Nails takes pride in giving a huge selection of polishes from neons, matte, to glitter polishes etc.  Now that we got so many positive feedback on our OMG Gems collection, we'd like to highlight some of your fave OMG Gems and how these gems can affect not only your daily fashion #ootd's but also your mood for the entire week.


As posted in our Facebook page, here is our status update:



OMG Gems collection is best known for their wide variation of colors and high quality that doesn't get chipped off easily and also perfect for doing water marbling or gradient nail techniques. For the month of July, we'd like to highlight these gems that are made versatile to every girls need. Here are some examples:



Stand proud and shine! Brighten up your day just like Miss Marie who definitely loves OMG Gems Amethyst.



Amethyst 3



Some loves to keep it simple yet girly. Just like Miss Dianne who prefers OMG Gems Quartz!






Who loves to make a statement? We all do right? But Miss Keren really loves the chic and bold elegance of OMG Gems Hematite.






Glitz, glamour and femininity. Miss Shamae feels more empowered with OMG Gems Diamond.





Our avid Instagram followers also have something to say:


Nail polishes are like make up for the nails, a pop of red can actually turn a bad day to a beaut. We  love how our OMG Gems collection do more than add style to your daily fashion but to your lifestyle as well. Rest assured, we are going to work overtime to provide you high quality products. Keep inspiring us ladies! Find out more about OMG Products by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and on Instagram. Keep posted for more updates on nail art tutorials and OMG promos!

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