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OMG Facts: What you don’t know yet about your nails


We recently read this Huffingtonpost article  on what we still didn't know yet about our nails and we were left in shock! We listed some of the best O-M-G facts and see our reaction in GIF.

1) Did you know that fingernails can grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month and that nails on your dominant hand tend to grow faster? Whoa! (Source: American Academy of Dermatology)

2) Remember those occasional white spots under your nails? Many told us that it may be a sign of illnesses. Well time to calm your nerves, they don't actually indicate a deficiency in nutrients but rather they are merely signs of previous trauma to the nails. Purely harmless!

3) That the nails are actually made out of the keratin, the same stuff that makes up hair, just put together in a different way.

4) Sorry ladies, it actually has been proven that men's nails grow faster than women's. At least more time until the next mani-pedi session right?

5)  Nobody likes a gross habit but don't judge hommies! Nail biting is actually one of the most common "nervous habit," and is actually called "onychophagia". (Source: WebMD)

6) On your next visit to the doctor, leave hands unpolished as your overall health can actually be examined by doctors just by looking at your nails. They will also actually remove any trace of polish if you have to undergo any operation so better leave them hands clean.

7) Stressed? It  does not only affect overall health, it also actually also inhibits nail growth. Breathe, relax and have a box of chocolates. Everything will be alright in the end honey. (Source: HuffPost)

8) Cuticles actually do have a purpose. They are actually part of your skin which acts as a barrier or a protection to your nails!

Read the full article here:
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