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OMG Gems Alexandrite the Chameleon Lacquer


If you’re the type of person who frequently changes style depending on your attitude, then your nails should be the same way. Wait a minute. I think I have just the right nail polish picked out for you!


Presenting the OMG Gems Alexandrite, a nail polished inspired by an actual gem. The natural gem is known for changing its colors, just like a chameleon changes its skin. Apparently, its color depends on the light that shines upon it: when it is daylight, the stone will appear bluish-green while under incandescent light, it turns purplish-red. It can also change its colors to yellowish, brownish, or grayish shades of green. Most of the time, people mistake it as emerald or cat’s eye due to its color-changing characteristic.


A rare stone named after Alexander II of Russia, it is known to stimulate pleasure and love. Most of the time, this charm is used as a lucky stone. Due to its color-changing feature, this special gem shade is for those born on the month of June under the zodiac sign of twins, the Gemini.


In ancient times, the Alexandrite was often linked to having healing properties. If you have low self-esteem, and have health problems relating to the spleen, stomach, or nervous system, then you need to have this stone with you.


For a contemporary lady like you, you may pair this sky blue lacquer with neutral shades such as grays and lavenders. This nail polish is perfect for weddings, anniversaries, and formal parties. This shade though may only be for the bold and brave. Let Alexandrite boost your self-esteem and comfort. Fashion tip, be sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing or else you won’t be able to carry out your look if you do not feel like it.



So if you want to try the Alexandrite OMG Gems nail polish, here’s one nail polish trick. Apply petroleum jelly on your fingers (that which surrounds your nails). This works as a thin sheet of nail polish screen so after you’ve put on the lacquer, you could easily wipe off the excess nail polish that went out of the nail. Perfect for every fashionista, the Alexandrite is a definition of versatility at its finest.

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