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Soothe your mind with the OMG GEMS Amethyst


They say putting on nail polish is one activity that could calm your senses, as you put on nail polish you focus on your nails and nothing else. However, this calming activity could be better if the color you choose on your nails could add to the calming effect. The OMG GEMS Amethyst nail polish is stunningly beautiful and is a color perfect to soothe your stressful mind.

Bottle Amethyst

In ancient times, the Amethyst has been highly-esteemed for its powers to stimulate and soothe the mind or emotions. It was titled as a “Gem of Fire” that was rated alongside Diamonds for its worth. This gemstone is a shade of purple and is also known as deep lavender. Experts say that this gem is used to guard against drunkenness and instill a sober mind.


Being the birthstone for February babies, this is the stone of St. Valentine and one that symbolizes faithful love. Some say that with it comes the energy of creativity, spirituality, temperance and passion. This charm is given to insomniacs to offer a relief from headache.

Amethyst 3

This OMG Gems nail polish looks best with yellow. Having a rich and vibrant color, yellow makes violet look a lot brighter than it appears. It also works well with red and blue provided that the colors are not too dark. If you have a purple shade like this on your nails, make sure that your ensemble goes in soft, neutral colors. White and black being the universal colors work well with any color.


The Amethyst shade is perfect for evening occasions to match that long gown that you’re wearing. However, if you have a casual day out with your friends, the Amethyst lacquer could also work provided that you match your jewelry with it. If you want your nail polish to stay and look good for days, here’s a nail polish tip for you. Paint two basecoat layers, one covering the top half and the second one covering the entire nail. Follow it by applying a white nail polish to boost the color of Amethyst on your nails. There you have it, you don’t have to worry about chipped nails and calm your mind at the same time.

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