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OMG Gift Ideas for Christmas


Hey OMG Girls! Just a few days before Christmas and you all know what that means? It's gift giving time! Here's a list of OMG gift ideas for the nail polish lovers out there. Whether it's for your mom, sister or bff, we've got something for everyone.
1) OMG Gems Collection
Available in 24 colors, the OMG Gems collection is a must-have of every nail polish lovers out there. Get glamorous nails in one swipe and just for Php27.00(per piece) retail price. Keep posted for our OMG Gems review each month to find the right gem for you.
2) OMG 2-Way Nail Art Brush Tool
Hit two birds with one stone with these helpful nail art tool. Nail art lovers would definitely love to play with this tool's brush and nail dotting tool. Get them for only Php30.00 each, 8 colors to choose from!
3) OMG Make Up Tools
OMG recently released a new set of Make Up tools that every Oh My Girl can use in their kikay kit. Get "on-fleek" eyebrows, a fab smokey eye and kissable lips in seconds with the help of these tools. Every make up dive would love this in their Christmas wishlist! See full review here.
4) Foot Spa Kit
Who wouldn't love a foot spat kit at home? Your mom would definitely love OMG's set of of foot spa tools for a spa day treatment at home for the whole family. You can also arrange a foot spa Christmas party using these adorbs kit. Get foot care tips here.
5) OMG One Dip
Aside from nail polish, every nail polish lover would always have a nail polish remover in their stash. How about getting OMG's revolutionary product, the polish remover on-the-go as a gift? Receiver of this product would love how they could remove stubborn polish in seconds without the drying feeling of their skin. Get to know more of this product here.


Let us know which OMG product you choose. Wrap them up in cute wrappers and enjoy the holidays! Find out more about OMG Products by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and on Instagram. Keep posted for more updates on nail art tutorials and OMG promos!


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