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OMG Nail Art Inspirations for Halloween


The clock is ticking, footsteps are running up and down, doors are creaking and the shouts are getting louder and louder. Have you heard it? OMG Nails' Nail Art Inspirations is back and we are too excited to celebrate Halloween! No need to fear ladies because we have easy-to-do nail arts that you could wear with your fabulous costumes. Be a trick and a treat with these nail art designs we saw on Pinterest that are to die for. All are super easy and can be made using OMG products. Ready? Set. Boo!

Jack Skellington Nails

Halloween idea...wish I could do this without it looking like a crackhead tried to paint my nails...:

What you'll need:

OMG White Out

OMG Black Out

OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (White Out & Black Out) or OMG Nail Brushes

Masking tape(optional)


1) Apply the base colors on your nails. Alternate between black and white and let them dry for a minute. You could follow the photo above for reference.

2) It's time to test your drawing skills. Using OMG's 2-way nail art brush tool(Black Out) or using the OMG Nail Brush set and OMG Black Out polish, create Jack's profile by  painting on the white nails. Start off by drawing a slightly inclined oblong to make the eyes. Then paint two short vertical lines to serve as the nose and a curve line with stitches to represent Jack's sinister smile.

3) Using the white OMG's 2-way nail art brush tool, draw vertical lines over the black base coat and wait for a few minutes to dry. Or if you want easy straight lines, cut off strips of masking tape to act as outline to the polish.

4) Apply a clear polish or topcoat and you're good to go.  

Blood Splatter Nail Art

30 Hot Halloween Nail Looks... it looks like blood, I LOVE IT!!! Ok that was a little weird but oh whale:

What you'll need:

OMG White Out

OMG Salsa

Drinking straw

Masking Tape/Glue


1) Apply  OMG White Out as base coat. Let it dry for a few minutes.

2) Cover the skin that surrounds nails using either a masking tape or glue. This is to secure your skin from the red polish when we start with the splattering.

3) Pour a generous amount of OMG Salsa to a wide rimmed-container. Dip straw into the polish and blow unto it to create the blood splatter effect. Be careful not to suck on it or you'll have polish ingested in your mouth.

4) Remove the tape/glue and use OMG Scented Acetone to remove any unnecessary splatter of polish on your skin. Now you have a posh blood splattered nails. Easy isn't it?

French Tip Frankenstein

French tip Frankenstein nails for Halloween.:

What you'll need:

OMG Clear Top Coat

OMG Neon Green or Mojito

OMG Black Out/OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Black Out)

OMG Nail Brush Set


1) Apply  clear topcoat and let it dry.

2) Create a french tip using OMG Mojito/Neon Green. 2-3 coats will do or until you get desired color for your Frankenstein. Let it completely dry before proceeding to the next step.

3) Using OMG Nail Brush Set and OMG Black Out/OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Black Out), draw small vertical lines to serve as the stitch.

4) You could create old Franky's profile by painting one of your preferred nails completely and green and drawing Franky's face and adding stitches at the top.

Black Widow Nail Art

Halloween nail art:

What you'll need:

OMG Gems Hematite

OMG White Out

OMG Gems Diamond

OMG Black Out/OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Black Out)

OMG Nail Brush Set


1) Apply 2-3 coats of OMG Hematite unto nails except the ring finger. Let it dry in between coats for longer lasting polish.

2) Paint OMG White Out on your nails in the ring finger and let it dry for a few minutes.

3) Time to draw the spider's web using OMG Black Out/OMG 2-way nail art brush tool (Black Out). Paint three stripes that spread out across your nail from a base point on one side. Fill in between the lines with curved segments to create the webbed look.

4) Highlight the web design by outlining the black lines with OMG Diamonds. Top with a clear polish and ready to spook!

Any more suggestions on nail inspired designs? Inspire us! Like us on our Facebook page and share to us your suggestions and feedback. Also follow us on Twitter and on Instagram for more nail care tips and tutorials.





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