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OMG Nail Art Inspirations for the Christmas Season


It's the time to be merry! Christmas season is here and we couldn’t get more psyched by the nail art ideas we got for you. Are you ready? We provide an easy step-by-step tutorial to guide you in making these magazine-worthy nail art designs using very few OMG items. Have a sassy holidays!


Polish needed:
OMG Salsa/OMG Gems Ruby(If you want it more sparkly)
OMG White Out
OMG Black Out
OMG Gems Diamonds
OMG Colorless Polish(optional)
Items needed:
OMG 3-Piece Prof. Dotting Tool
OMG 12-Piece Prof. Nail Art Brush
Masking/Scotch Tape
1)  Santa's Surprise
Red cute Christmas Nails:
1) Paint OMG Salsa/ OMG Ruby unto nails. 1-2 coats will do.

2) Using OMG White Out, line your nails just as the image above.

4) Apply OMG Gems Diamond to serve as the glitter to the whole look. 

5) Top everything with a clear polish to make the mani -pedi last much longer.


Watch Video Tutorial Here:
2) Candy Cane
Christmas Nails Art - Easy Styling - Click pic for 25 Christmas Holiday Crafts DIY. @Kelley Oberg Smith Oberg Smith Oberg Smith Oberg Smith Oberg Smith Hamrick  now we know what to do with that white polish u have!!!:
1) Apply 2-3 coats of the OMG White Out. Let it dry.

2) Cut off mini strips of scotch tape/masking tape. No need to make perfect strips. The messier the better.

3) Remove excess adhesive by pressing the strips of tape at the back of your hand before sticking them unto your nails. Make sure that there are no extra space where the polish could seeped in.

4) Once assembled, using the OMG Salsa, apply a generous amount and let it dry.

5) Remove the strips slowly and you got candy cane nails!
Watch Video Tutorial Here:
3) Gift Giving Time!
Christmas Present Nail Design! A little sloppy and needed cleaned up but cute.:
1) Apply the OMG Salsa as your base coat.

2) Using the OMG Nail Brush tools, draw inter crossing lines of the OMG Diamonds.

3) Once dry, draw a small ribbon in the intersection of the lines.

4) Apply clear topcoat for a smooth finish.
Watch Video Tutorial Here:
4) Polka Christmas
Dotticure (via ):
1) Paint on your base coat alternately on each finger. Starting with the OMG Salsa, then the OMG White Out and finish with the OMG Diamonds.

2) Using the OMG Dotting Tool, create the polka dots effect on your nails. Start with the big dots then end with the smaller dots.

3) Finish with a clear topcoat.
Watch Video Tutorial Here:
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