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OMG NAILPOLISH OF THE MONTH: Shine Bright from head to toe with OMG GEMS Diamond!


“Frost yourself.” We all know that line from the popular chic flick, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”. Well chicas, did you know that you can definitely frost yourself with glam with just a stroke of polish on your hands?

Shine bright like a diamond, from day-to-night as we present you OMG Gems Diamond! No more trouble on which polish you can use that spell chic 24/7 with every outfit. It is perfect for work as it is classy and sophisticated and can be glamorous as hell when you’re off to a dinner date or out in a party with your friends.



Inspired by the gem of winter, OMG Gems Diamond radiates style and class in its simplicity. Just like diamonds, the most sought-after and popular gemstone, this polish looks like a crystal of light when applied and gives out a royalty vibe. This is because diamonds are not only known as a woman’s best friend, it is also a spiritual stone used in the past by the nobility as a symbol of illumination, wealth and antiquity. Diamonds also symbolize love, purity, innocence and stability. It is also known to enhance creativity and imagination opening the mind to change. Now that’s interesting right mi ladies?




OMG Gems Diamond is best paired with a touch of neutral colors such as black and white but also looks good with the other OMG gems collection.




Get girly with an ombre of the OMG Gems Pink Tanzanite, Quartz or Indian Red or just be dainty with either Aquamarine or Alexandrite.




Want an earthy feel instead? Get it by mixing the OMG diamonds with Emerald and Peridot.




You could also get the rustic effect by nail marbling the Diamond polish with Pearl, Beryl, Titanite, or Hematite. (Keep posted as we teach you how to do nail marbling at the comforts of your own home.)




Create a cosmic nail effect with the Sunstone, Fluorite, Opal or Sapphire as base, and the Diamond polish as the stars.




How about going plain with 2 layers of coat of diamond polish and a clear topcoat, wouldn't that be posh?


OMG Gems Diamond suits you workaholic fashionistas in your get-go lifestyle. From big events like weddings or debut parties that crave the dazzle of your polish to casual lunch breaks in the office where you can have sass even while devouring that big plate of spaghetti. Never go unnoticed with this chic nail polish, from day to night!

Everyone wants to feel like royalty all day without spending too much, right? Frost yourself and dazzle from fingertips to tee with OMG Gems Diamond!

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