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OMG Nails 101: Reviving Old/Thick/Dried Polish


Are you one of those girls who do retail therapy by hoarding different kind of colors of nail polishes? Well, most of us do. We all have a box of polish somewhere in our house. We know we can’t put it all on our nails but we keep it anyway. But don’t you hate it that after 2-3 application, our favorite polish becomes much harder to paint as it thickens and eventually starts to get clumpy?
Here’s news flash to everyone. Did you know that nail polishes don’t have an expiration date? Its quality depends on the length of usage because every time you swipe on polish, air comes in the bottle which eventually leads to thickened or worst, dry polish.
Don’t throw away your dried, clumpy old polish because OMG Nails has found the solution for you in 4 easy steps. It's time to save your bright sassy red polish!

1 Clean



Fill a container with acetone. (Don’t use plastic cups—like we did in the video—or the acetone will melt it). Swirl your brush in the polish remover and use a cotton pad or a paper towel to remove all the clumps of polish in the brush. Remove the gunk of dried polish on the rim of the polish bottle as well. This step will help the bottle cap to screw in place so as to not let any air pressure to get inside. Also, the polish remover in the bristles of the brush will help in thinning out the rest of the polish. Make this a post-manicure routine every time you paint your nails.

2 Petroleum Jelly



Once the bottle and brush of the old polish is cleaned, the next step to do is to wipe a generous amount of petroleum jelly in its rim. It will aid in preventing air to get inside the bottle thus protecting your polish from thickening or getting clumpy. Wiping petroleum jelly also helps to prevent gunk of polish to build up in the bottle rim.

3 Thin it Out



Pour about 2-3 drops of nail thinner in the nail polish solution. Roll the polish between your hands and shake lightly. Add another few drops if it’s still too thick then shake and roll as necessary. It will take 6 drops of thinner per 15 mL of nail solution to be restored. Let the nail polish to sit for few minutes and say hello to a fresh bottle of polish!

Tip: If you don’t have nail polish thinner, you may use a polish remover temporarily. However, you may only use a tiny drop into the bottle to loosen the polish. Adding more may ruin it.

4 Store



Store your nail polishes in a cool, dry and dark place such as drawer, a storage box or in a cabinet etc. Make sure that the bottles can stand upright. It will prevent any clumps of polish and will protect your polish from thickening. Also maintain the first 2 steps if you want to keep all your polishes for eternity.

Here’s a short clip to show you how to do all these steps.

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