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OMG NEWS: Fake(?) OMG Nail Polish Spotted!


Last November 2015, we spotted this OMC(Oh My God!) nail polish brand in a Chinese overrun store that we will not be disclosing due to respect to the store's confidentiality. We noticed how this brand's logo resembles our brand. We also found out that most of these OMC polishes are being sold in "tiangges" in the streets of Manila.
 Here's our official statement regarding this matter:
We are aware of the situation for quite some time now and we are investigating this matter. We would like to inform our clients that we are not behind or affiliated at all with this brand. Please be cautious in buying this product thinking that it's our brand.
Ming Mei Cosmetics, the company behind OMG Nail Polish and Tools, values efficiency in maintaining the success of the beauty care industry. OMG Nails takes pride in providing high quality products for your beauty regime and nail care. We work hand in hand to make an impact to the industry by providing innovative ways that will cater to our client's needs. Since starting, we received a high satisfaction rate from all women all over the country.
Our Brand
Ming Mei Cosmetics started with its first brand Klik, a superbly assorted set of nail polish that shows promise through its unique and eye-catching colors and competitive price. It has shown to be a very popular brand as it was well-received by customers.
Ming Mei later doubled its nail polish position by introducing a luxury brand, Oh My Golly (OMG), with the focus on the unique colors never seen before and as a trendsetter in the nail polish industry. Eventually we have evolved into Oh My Girl! (OMG), selling larger set of new colors to choose from as well as nail tools and beauty kit made available in affordable prices.
As our goal is to become a a trailblazer in the beauty care industry, we would like to set a good example where others can follow. We appreciate such hurdles such as these bogus brands as we recognize them as a stepping stone to our journey as a growing company. Our mission is to persistently maintain excellent quality products sold in affordable prices. We make sure to make every Oh My Girl happy by delivering tools that will cater to your beauty needs as well as to provide our 110%  effort to provide high quality service to our customers.
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