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OMG News: Use of Nail Polish allegedly related to Weight Gain


Yes! We know, we're shocked too. Harper's Bazaar recently revealed that some brands of polishes contain harmful chemicals that can affect our body, one of which is gaining weight.  Read on for more information. You don't want to miss this!


Researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group have recently found that a common polish ingredient,  Triphenyl phosphate(TPHP), have been introduced to replace the chemical phthalates, which studies have linked to reproductive issues. TPHP however, may also be a health hazzard.  "Separate studies have shown that TPHP is an endocrine disruptor, which means it interferes with hormones, and tests on animals have shown reproductive and developmental problems as a result." (HB, 2015) In humans, weight gain can be linked with these hormones. Scientists are conducting further studies to prove these claims.
According to the researcher's results published in the journal Environment International, "...(they) tested the urine of 26 participants before and after they painted their nails with a polish that contained 1 percent TPHP. Two to six hours after painting their nails, 24 of the participants had slightly elevated levels of diphenyl phosphate, or DPHP, a chemical that indicates TPHP has been processed in the body. And 10 to 14 hours after painting the nails, every single participant had DPHP levels increase by nearly seven times. Participants who wore gloves to apply the polish to synthetic nails didn't have any difference in DPHP levels. (HB, 2015) "
It has been said that almost half of the percentage of most nail polishes contain the chemical TPHP. Some brands who even claim that they don't have the TPHP chemical actually contain it.
"The chemical is included in 49 percent of more than 3,000 nail polishes and treatments collected by the researchers, and some polishes contain it even when they say they don't. (Clear polishes usually contain more TPHP than colored ones.) Separate studies show that women process more of it than men, which points to the idea that they might be absorbing it through beauty products."  (HB, 2015)
A  petition has already been launched by the Environment Working Group asking nail polish companies to remove TPHP from its products. Let's all hope for good results. To avoid any health issue caused by this chemical, the study's co-author, Kate Hoffman, told Yahoo that "if you must use polish, avoid getting it on your skin to keep it from absorbing into your bloodstream." 
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