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Make your own Matte Top Coat as easy as 3 steps!


We all love a well-maintained manicure with a shiny topcoat. However, in an alternate universe, something edgier and darker comes to picture. The matte nails  have been in trend for seasons now but it is now slowly dominating the fashion realm.The matte effect, a polish that's entirely devoid of any shine, is perfect for all seasons for girls who wants to look chic, edgy and sophisticated.


To mattify your polish, you could either get a matte top coat or a matte polish. Both can be really expensive and I'm sure you ladies would love to save a few and get your own matte nails in a lesser price. We provided you before a video tutorial in making instant matte nail polish. Well, good news ladies? Because now, we will show you how to make your D-I-Y matte topcoat with three ingredient and three simple steps!
 Items needed:
*You could make an entire bottle if you plan on using matte polish more often

  • clear nail polish (partially full)
  • cornstarch
  • 2 inch by 2 inch (5.08 centimeters) square of paper

1.) Make a funnel out of the paper and roll it into a cone. The pointy edge should have an opening in it and let the powder pass through smoothly. Open the polish bottle and stick the funnel in it. Make sure to avoid getting the pointy edge wet. If it does, trim it down.
2) Make sure that the cornstarch is sifted and very fine.  Any clumps in the powder will make your polish lumpy. Use 2-3 pinches or a teaspoon of cornstarch and pour it the the 2x2 inch paper. Avoid adding too much powder in it or the polish will be too thick.
3) Close the bottle tightly and shake for a few minutes until the color is even. Test your polish once mixed. Brush on some of the polish onto nails and let it dry to see what it looks like. Make any necessary adjustments. If it becomes too thick, thin it down using a nail polish thinner (DO NOT USE POLISH REMOVER OR YOU'LL RUIN IT). Let it sit for about a day and you're good to go!
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If all else fails or if you don't have any time to spare for some D-I-Y project, you could purchase OMG's Matte Top Coat available for only 27.50 Php! Get the matte finish in seconds. Save money and save time!
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