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OMG NAILPOLISH OF THE MONTH: Feel treasured with the allure of OMG GEMS Pearl


Simple, rare and seductive. Be lured to the mystic of the ocean while radiating purity and innocence with the OMG Polish-of-the-Month: Pearl


Considered as the most loved organic gem, pearl is definitely a must have fashion accessory of every woman out there. Pearls, the birthstone for the month of June, are often called “perfect shining spheres”. This is because a pearl’s luster and spherical shape can be compared to the alluring beauty of the moon. As gems that were created by the wonders of the sea, pearls were highly regarded as treasures and during ancient times, were considered as important financial assets. The seductive strands of pearls were believed to embody the mystery and power of life-sustaining natural water and also act as a symbol of chastity and purity.


The simplicity and sophistication of Pearl matches any age, definitely a classic that can be modern and fresh when worn appropriately. Wearing a piece of this gemstone exudes a minimalist but chic approach to fashion.


OMG Gems Pearl is best paired with pearls accessories and any neutral shade tops. Add sass by pairing it with a fresh face, red lips and a 3-inch stiletto. It's also a perfect polish for weddings. Just wear 2-3 coats of Pearl and you’re good to go.
OMG Gems Pearl definitely suits every OMG girl out there. Never go unnoticed, the world is an oyster, so be a precious pearl and wear your head up high!

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