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OMG Speak: What are your favorite OMG Tools?


There's no great nail art without the help of nail art tools. Aside from a wide range of selection of polishes, did you know that OMG Nails also has the perfect tools for your nail art and beauty care kit?

We'd like to highlight our selection of OMG Tools and asked our OMG Girls their favorites!

As posted in our Facebook page:


The fan-favorite tool of all time is the OMG 3-PIECE PROF. DOTTING TOOL set which you could buy for only 75.00Php! Create precise dots and shapes when you need it easily with this tool.


Probably the must-have tool that every nail art expert need is the nail art brush set. OMG Nails has different sets of nail art brush which comes in varied pieces. You could choose from either the  6-Piece Prof. Nail Art Brush (175.00Php), the 8-Piece Prof. Nail Art Brush (200.00Php) or  the 12-Piece Prof. Nail Art Brush (250.00 Php).  Make application of polish much easier and create nail art designs as easy as 1,2,3.



For the lovers of bling and glitz, well good news ladies, OMG Nails also has Nail decals-24 designs(25.00 Php), Nail Art Fimo - A (65.00 Php), Nail Art Fimo - B (65.00Php) and Nail Stencil-12 Designs (20.00 Php). Make a simple polish stand out with these nail art booster accessories.


These are just few of the OMG Nails Tools that most of our OMG Girls knew about. But hey! Did you know we also have the perfect mani-pedi nail art kit that you can have in an affordable price? You could get different kinds of filing tool for a price range of 30Php up to 120Php only. Also get the collection of nail brush(available in small, big and XL), Nail clipper(comes in small, big, clipper chrome, and with file), stainless nipper and cuticle pusher. OMG Nails also has nail buffer block, pumice stone, foot scraper and callus removes etc, perfect for the foot spa-weekend at home.

OMG Nails does not only offer nail accessories but also tools for beauty care such as tweezers(39.00 Php), Retractable Lip Brush(60.00Php), Pencil Sharpener(50.00Php), Powder Puff SFP002 (40.00 Php), Eye Shadow Foam EFB003 (3 0.00 Php), Eyelash Curler ELC001 (75.00 Php) , Eyebrow Lash Comb LSC002 (40.00 Php), Eyeshadow Spong (30.00 Php) and Razor Blade (50.00 Php). 

Amazed on the wide set of tools that OMG Nails has for you? Go check them out in this Nail Art Accessories Catalogue!

If you're having trouble looking for our products in our partner stores near you. You could now personally order from us! Just click in this link, follow the instructions and get an email from us to get your order.

OMG Nails work overtime to provide you high quality products for all your nail care and beauty needs. Keep inspiring us ladies! Find out more about OMG Products by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and on Instagram. Keep posted for more updates on nail art tutorials and OMG promos!

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