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OMG Speak: What are your worst nail disaster experience?


There are just things that you can't control especially with mishandled manicure.  We asked you ladies what might be your worst nail disaster experiences.
As posted in our Facebook page:
We listed a few of the most common nail disasters and made a recommendation on how to avoid having the same dilemma over and over again.
Here are few of the answers:
1) Ingrown nails


The most common nail problem out there. Ingrown nails are extremely painful that causes discomfort because of the pressure from an  ingrowth of the nail edge into the skin of the toe. The pressure of the nail's edge causes inflammation and when left untreated can lead to infections.
THE CURE: Well the first remedy is to have an expert look into it and have the ingrown nail removed. To prevent it to happen again, make sure to wear shoes that are the right size for you and avoid any activity that could cause nail trauma through repetitive pressure. On top of that, make sure that you or any nail technician handling your nails, knows how to properly cut them. And what better way to do that by having the proper tools to help you. You may look at the selection of OMG's Nail Clipper Collection, made to be sharp and user-friendly and now available in different style and sizes! We recommend OMG Stainless Nail Clipper Edge #2535 (39.00 Php) which will work best in clipping your nail edge and make sure that you are ingrown-free!


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 2) Clipped the nails too short(to the point it's bleeding. Yikes!)
The thing about maintaining long nails is that they are prone to sudden breakage which would lead to having your nails clipped super short. An amateur manicurist dealing with this situation tend to overclipped leading to a 50/50 chance of cutting your skin! Most technicians will say that it's okay and that putting on merthiolate (antiseptic and antifungal agent) will disinfect the wound. Although partly true, no one wants a bloody manicure right? 
THE CURE: Clean, disinfect and wait for the wound to heal. The nail will eventually grow back so don't worry anymore although it will be extremely uncomfortable. If there's inflammation, use an antibacterial ointment and seek doctor's attention if seems worsening. To avoid such  predicament to happen again, first of all, find a nail salon or manicurist you can trust. Second, instead of cutting your nails when nail disaster strikes, we recommend filing them  instead. Good news! OMG Nails have a different nail files that you can use! Click here to see the different nail files of OMG.

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3) French Manicure gone wrong
The classic french manicure is definitely one of the most famous nail design as it goes with absolutely anything. But it can sometimes be tricky to master this technique. Either you go too thick or you can't perfect the lining.
THE CURE: Make it more easier by using an outline or using OMG's 2-Way Nail Art tool which makes french tips much easier to do.

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4)  Blood clot in the middle of the nails (subungual hematoma)


Just like ingrown, a subungual hematoma(bleeding under the fingernail or toenail usually caused by a crush injury), is caused by trauma to the nails.
THE CURE: It usually requires no treatment and will eventually heal in time. However, there are medical procedures that can be done to remove the pool of blood inside the nail. Just make sure to avoid any traumatic incident to cause this again.
5) Cuticle nightmare


Cuticles are actually part of your skin which acts as a barrier or a protection to your nails. Many have them removed for pure aesthetic purposes but it is actually very helpful in preventing infections from harmful bacteria. THE CURE: Refrain from cutting the cuticle instead you can push your cuticles back gently then moisturize. See the OMG Tools that you can use below:


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6) Fried nails + Dry Skin


Acetone removers contain powerful ingredients that works best as polish remover. However, due to their strong solvent, they strip off natural oils from the skin thus, leaving skin ghostly white and dry. 
 THE CURE You may opt for non-acetone removers which uses less aggressive solvents. Or you could use OMG's non-drying Acetone (you could see how efficient it removes nail polish without the dry feeling with this video), or OMG One Dip instant polish remover which is acetone-free and easy to use (Click this link for this feature).


Have control about any situation by having the right tools and knowledge to safeguard your nails from any disaster that may come. Learn more nail care tips by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and on Instagram. Keep posted for more updates!


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