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OMG Speak: Why Should You Put On Nail Polish?


Let’s get things straight, not all women put on nail polish. For people who love nail polish, people always ask why so we have to put on nail polish.



Here’s what the OMG ladies has to say about putting on nail polish.



While nail polish is actually valued and used by most as a fashion statement or for beautification, people have different reasons in putting on nail polish. In the case of Trixie Tejada, she explains that nail polish has helped her get rid of nail-biting. Nail Biting is caused by a number of reasons such as stress, boredom, curiosity, or it’s simply an acquired habit. However, nail biting could actually damage your nails.


Nail biting may cause nail infections and even dental problems as your nails may have bacteria and other microorganisms which may lead to abrasions and may develop into swelling and pus around your nail. To stop this you could cover your nails with bandages or like what Tejada did, she used nail polish instead.


On top of this, nail polish is mostly used because of the sophistication and fun colors it has. Two of our OMG ladies, Paula Grace Fermin and Rose May Y. Cabacang agree that nail polish brings out the best in their nails.




Fermin explains that putting on nail polish “speaks a lot about my style and personality.’ Like dressing yourself, nail polish is the wardrobe to your bare nails. On top of this, nail polish is inexpensive and can easily be re-applied or removed. With the wide array of colors, designs, stamps, and techniques available in the market today, nail polish is the best way to express and show the world about your personality at par with your everyday clothes.


When it comes to dressing up your nails, nail polish may or may not be your best friend, but one thing’s for sure, nail polish is the best way to decorate your fingers. What ever style you choose or for any event there is, there is a nail polish to fit your needs. If you want to hear more from our OMG ladies or share tips and opinions abour nail polish, like OMG Nail Polish on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and in Twitter as well!

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