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OMG Spotlight: Justine Jen Cortel


Justine Jen Cortel: Not Just Your Ordinary Girl


In OMG, we believe that everybody should shine not like a diamond but a star! Among the different OMG ladies out there, we have noticed this lady who posts various excellent nail art so we decided to know her more.


Photo from Justine Jen Cortel via Facebook

Justine Jen Cortel, a full-time mother of two lovely daughters, is a nail art hobbyist. At the age of 24, she is able to balance life as a mom and still continue her passion for nail art. Her life with OMG started in 2011 and loved the polish ever since.


“I started using OMG Nail Polish way back 2011, I discovered it from a friend.” She explains that OMG appealed to her because of the numerous pastel shades. “Also, it's not too goopy like other polishes I've tried,” she adds.


From the different shades of OMG nail polish, she is an avid fan of the OMG Salsa saying that “a classic red is a must-have for any girl, and this shade flatters my skin tone.”



Photo by justineisms via Instagram


Like every nail art enthusiast, Justine loves to put on nail polish to match her style. She confesses to changing her nail polish at home once a week mostly during weekends. In special events, “I'll change them to fit my outfit, pronto,” Justine says.


As a nail art enthusiast, we asked her of different tips and tricks to her fellow OMG nail polish users and here’s what she has to say:

  • Experiment!

“Experiment with different color combos and patterns. You'll be surprised with what results you'll come up with!”


    • Patience is a Virtue

    “Be patient to wait for your polish to dry before adding any design or another layer of polish.”

    • Try and Try until You Succeed

    “Never get discouraged with "failed" nail art designs. Learn to work your way on what you need to improve and try again.”


    For all you OMG ladies, nothing should stop you from pursuing your passion and your love for beauty. Every woman deserves to be beautiful inside and out, why not try with your nails for a start?


    “OMG has a nice formula, can be purchased easily, and not too expensive. I definitely recommend it to my friends!” Justine adds. Go get your own OMG nail polish and be our next OMG lady on the spotlight!


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