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Joan Abigail Tasani: “Traveling in style”


In OMG, everyone has their inner talent that deserves to be in the spotlight! For the month of July, we asked our lovely OMG Girls to try to make nail art inspirations from the rainy season. One entry shined for its creativity, technique and its relevance to the theme. The person behind it is Aby also known as @mylittlenails04. We get to see more of her as she is OMG’s spotlight of the month!


Full Name: Joan Abigail B. Tasani

Nickname: Aby

Instagram: @mylittlenails04

Age: 26 years old


A girl who has great love for fashion and arts, Joan Abigail Tasani definitely found her niche in the world of nail art. The 26-year-old tourism graduate from Caloocan City was able to express her simply artistic style in doing her nail designs, making one creative masterpiece on her fingertips at a time. Aby loves to travel and dreams of traveling overseas someday. And what better accessory can she pair with her jetsetter wardrobe than stylish polished hands?


“I want to go places. I was able to visit some of our tourist spots. I hope I can visit other countries someday.”


Aby is currently taking up foreign language (Korean) and keeps her wanderlust at bay by doing nail art designs. She started doing nail art way back in 2008. In highschool, she was not allowed to put on nail polish because the school prohibits it. So it was only in college did she definitely make it a habit to make beautiful nail designs.


What is nail polish for you? And what inspires you to do nail arts?


“For me, nail polish is an ingredient that completes my artwork since I love to draw and paint. I just happen to start designing my nails and realize that it turn out to be beautiful as well.”


ad c be i h g

*(Photos from @mylittlenails04 via Instagram) Click to see full size

Aby takes pictures of her designs and posted them on her Instagram account (@mylittlenails04) for her followers to see. Her artistic nature definitely helped her well as she was picked as the winner for the month’s OMG Nails contest which required nail art inspirations from the rainy season.


With your winning piece in our contest, can you share us the inspiration behind it?


“With my winning piece in OMG contest, I just felt the happiness of kids when it rains. They play under the rain and later will wait for the rainbow to show after the rain stops. (It was) just like what I did when I was a kid.”


@mylittlenails04 winning entry

The Chance Meetup


Can you tell us the first time you have encountered OMG nails products? What was your first impression? And why do you love OMG products?


“The first (time) I have encountered OMG products, (it was) kind of appealing because of its packaging and (because) the price is budget friendly. After I tried to use the OMG nail products, I got satisfied because even if you only do 2 coats, the colors are already fine.”


Favorite OMG products?


“It was the matte potion nail product that I was able to purchase first. I also bought some set of your nail art brush. Then, I began to start using your other nail polish as well.”


For you what is the best nail art tip can you give to your fellow nail art aficionados?


“I think the best nail art tip that I can give to my fellow nail art aficionados is that (to) just enjoy what you feel like to design on your nails. Being creative and original adds too. And most especially is that you love what you are doing and it will show.”


Aby is just one of the many that have hidden talents ready to be honed and discovered. OMG Nails loves to support the budding talents of our OMG Girls by providing high quality products that are budget friendly and easy to use. Don’t be afraid to embrace what you have and improve on it. Be like Miss Aby, who carries her love for arts and fashion anywhere she goes through nail art!


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