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Mia Dela Torre Dizon: "Just a Girl with a Hobby"



In OMG, we believe that everybody has their innate talents that deserve to be in the spotlight! For the month of June, we featured a nail art tutorial video using a nail art technique: "water marbling"(see video here). We then asked our lovely OMG ladies to try to make their own version of water marble nail designs. One lady shined above the rest and we'd like to know her more.






Full Name: Mia Dela Torre Dizon

Nickname: Mia

Instagram: @nailsbymiawrrr

Age: 36 years old



Miss Mia Dela Torre Dizon proves that a simple hobby could lead to a beautiful craft with passion and a lot of determination to change the what ifs to what next? The 36-year-old full-time mom from Balanga City, Bataan takes pride in taking care of her daughter, Yiyen (6 years of age) and catering to the needs of her Malaysian-Chinese husband of 8 years who is currently in Australia for business. She does occasional sidelines like tutoring for elementary students and also accepting paperworks such as making formal letters, research paper, homework, etc. Aside from her busy schedule, she makes time to make nail art designs as a form of hobby. Mia is a certified "nailaholic" with a lovely nailgram account and a huge nailpolish collection. 


“Nail polish for me is a source of joy specially for nail art enthusiasts like me. That's why it is very common for nail artists like me to collect all sorts of brands and colors. We feel happy just looking at our ridiculously massive collection."


aaa*(Photo from Mia Dizon via Facebook)

Mia is a certified nail polish hoarder!



Practice makes perfect!

Mia admits that she didn’t start as good. She does her nail art designs whenever she has free time and eventually got better with practice.


“I didn’t start as magaling agad. Tyaga lang talaga.( I didn’t start as an expert that quick. It took a lot of patience)


With her growing talent, Mia documented all her work in her nailgram account in Instagram: @nailsbymiawrrr. (Go check them out!) She also followed a lot of co-nail art enthusiasts in social media sites to get more inspiration from others. Her goal is to inspire her followers with her variety of designs.




11665358_10205066756092009_7746357624672078507_n11082464_10204443838559460_6882812480871521199_n 11067593_10204546551967231_803002058409334087_n 10391028_10204406702231075_308832972773365652_n 10329160_10204538612288744_1281520610270521435_n 10306264_10204520686400608_6188042139704667731_n

*(Photos from Mia Dizon via Facebook)

@nailsbymiawrrr 's creations (Click to see full size)



OMG Nails 101 and Water Marbling


Water Marbling is a new nail art technique for Mia but she eventually mastered it. The positive feedback Mia got from her followers made her joined the OMG Nails 101 Nail Art Contest with the theme “Water Marbling”.


“It was just around March of this year when I finally got the hang of doing water marble. The only inspiration I had for my winning piece was all the good comments that I have been receiving from my fellow nail artists ever since I started posting water marble designs.”



Mia's winning piece

What Mia loves with OMG products is the affordability and the nail polish quality which makes her life a lot more easier in doing nail designs. OMG nailpolish is her go-to polish for making the best water marbling nail arts.

"My first time encounter with OMG nail polishes was delightful. I searched so long for a certain brand that can be used for water marbling and it was OMG that finally gave it to me. Of course there was a minor issue like the nail polish brush is not as good compared to the more expensive brands but that is not really a reason for me not to keep on buying OMG nail polishes. The first thing I love about OMG products is the affordability. Next is the availability --- they're easy to find because a lot of stores have them. I was really happy when OMG come up with more pretty colors and varieties, and they also have nail art tools and products for nail care as well."

11703070_10205066755371991_7145701030865617737_n 11164065_10204620110166140_7002612275247736672_o 11024646_10204397492880847_4790699369821229683_n 10497996_10204464998408443_418070346560074068_o

Mia's watermarble designs

*(Photos from Mia Dizon via Facebook)


What inspires her to do nail art?


"Yes. I do nail art just as a form of hobby. My inspiration for my designs usually just come from anything i see around me --- from sceneries to fashion, etc. I also get inspiration from my fellow nail artists, but as much as possible i want to come up with designs that are originally mine."


What can she say to her fellow nail art lovers?


"I think when you put your whole heart into it, you can be a really good nail artist. It's not enough that you have the talent, you should be passionate about it. You don't only do it to impress your followers or the people around you, but you also do it to express your feelings and artistry. Never give up even if you fail a lot of times on doing certain tricky nail art techniques. Accept the challenges and each challenge that you are able to accomplish will make you a better nail artist."


Favorite OMG producs? And why?


"My favorite nail polish of OMG is Cloud, I just think it's the best kind of blue. And my most current favorite is the nail art brushes, they're really better compared to the other brands I used before."


Mia is just one of the many ladies that are satisfied with OMG. In OMG, we believe that ladies are not only beautiful but are also queens with big talents ready to be discovered.  So don't be afraid! Try and try until you achieve what you think is not achievable. And be like Miss Mia Dizon, who from a girl with just a simple hobby, made a name as a certified nail art expert.


Want to be put into a spotlight just like Miss Mia? Join us in our nail art 101 contests! Follow us in our Facebook page and wait for our cue to send your nail art designs. We have different themes for every month so be sure to follow us on Instagram and on Twitter as well.


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