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OMG Spotlight for the Month: Christina Reyes Perez


From time to time, OMG looks for one lucky nail blogger to swatch for us. We recognize hidden talents that are destined to be under the spotlight. This month the winner of our nail art contest, a certified nail art aficionado, shined bright as our spotlight for the month.  Get to know our lucky lady, Christina Reyes Perez (@christinails.21).




Full Name: Christina Reyes Perez
Instagram: @christinails.21
Age: 32
Location: Rodriguez, Rizal
Motherhood shouldn't stop you from doing what you love. Christina, 32, definitely maintained her passion for nail art even after tying the knot. She used to work in a hotel for almost nine years but decided to be a full time mom in 2012. She is now happily married with four children who enjoys her free time doing nail art.


"I enjoy everything and anything about nail art related. In other words I'm a nail art addict."




Christina's winning piece (@christinails.21)

Aside from doing nail art, Christina loves to play tea party with her kids as well as cooking for the whole family. She however allot at least two hours of her day to spend in making nail art designs.

"I did it everyday :) I have atleast 2 hrs a day for my nails..."


4 10 9 6 5 3Go check out her instagram: @christinails.21 for more nail art designs


Christina considers nail polish as a medium for her artistry.  The compliments from her followers and family give her the motivation to keep her passion alive.


"My husband and kids inspire me actually. They are so amazed whenever I create art onto my nails and (they) always praise my work."


Her "big love" for nail polish and nail art inspired her to make her own blog.


"It's where I can share my knowledge and passion for nail stuff."


The first time she encountered OMG products, she considers it a "love at first sight".


"My very first bottle of OMG nail polish was given to me by my friend. I immediately fell in love with the formula. The level of opacity is amazing. You can do so much with it. It is so versatile that I can use it for both stamping and water marble technique."

Th best nail art tip:

"Theres no right and wrong in doing art. Just like anybody would say, "just enjoy"! Don't stop exploring the world of nail art."
OMG Nails is every girl’s partner in improving their talent and knowledge in nail polish. We make sure to support everyone by providing high quality products. Make OMG Nails a part of your collection and be surprised how we could make nail art as easy as 1,2,3 just like Mariel. Let’s all be partners-in-crime in making nail art designs to die for!

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