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OMG Spotlight: Sheryne Villazon


Sheryne Villazon: Young and Loving It!

In OMG, we believe that everybody should shine not like a diamond but a star! Among the different OMG ladies out there, we have noticed this lady who posts various excellent nail art so we decided to know her more.

 At a young age, Sheryne Villazon is a lover of nail polish and an Instagram crawler. In over a year ago, her love for nail polish grew from applying plain nail polish to doing nail art.


Currently a billing and sales associate in a call center company, Sheryn shares her love for OMG Gems Hematite saying that she loves “to match it with plain colors like white and nude.”


The Chance Meetup

Upon looking for nail polishes in Watsons, Sheryne noticed OMG while picking up new polishes.

“While picking colors, I noticed that OMG Colors are far from the usual. The colors are unique and attractive.”



 Photo from Sheryne Villazon via Facebook


Just like every other lady, Sheryne says nail polish gives her confidence, increases her self-esteem, and serves as an avenue to express herself.


“I can also express myself with the art that I’m doing with my nails and the colors I use,” she says.



 Photo from Sheryne Villazon via Facebook


With her growing love for nail polish, she generously shares her polishes for her mom, sisters, and her friends. Sheryne explains, “If I have friends around, we also bond together and do some nail stuff. I usually do it every week..during my off. I make it a point to do one art per week.”


Though new in nail art, she explains that Instagram has greatly helped her with numerous articles on tips and tricks to put on nail polish. Sheryne explains,“my art is just basic. I'm sure that I am not yet really good at it.”



 Photo from Sheryne Villazon via Facebook


“What I love about OMG is the consistency of the polish itself. It is really easy to apply. I never have to remove lapses and excess polishes on the sides because it is controllable.”


Sheryn is just one of the many ladies that are satisfied with OMG. In OMG, we believe that ladies must be beautiful without having to spend a fortune. Every woman deserves to be beautiful inside and out, why not try with your nails for a start?


“I assure you with the developments that you're doing and with the price, I’m positive that you will be a leading brand in the market. You have an edge already and your brand is competitive.

It satisfies me with the results,value for money and your innovations.”

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