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OMG: What does your nail color says about you?


Do you notice what nail polish color do you typically choose to wear all of the time? Or are you one of those girls who love to experiment with different mani styles depending on their mood? Well ladies, believe it or not, your preferred polish says a lot about your personality. Want to know which lady are you? Read on.


choosea color

Choose the perfect color for you. Go check out our OMG Nail Studio by clicking the image above!
TRY: OMG Neon Colors (Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Purple, Neon Red Orange, Neon Yellow)
The girl with the YOLO attitude. People call you crazy and wild but in a good way. For you, life is too short to waste time. You're not afraid to pump everyone up and get the dance floor jam packed. You're the life of the party and you're always up for a good time. Bright neon colors best represent your fun, energetic aura. Dance the night away sister!
2) DARK COLORS(Black/Dark Brown)
TRY: OMG Black Out, OMG African Plum
Lorde is your spirit goddess and edgy is your middle name. You love the deep and rich dark colors which reflects your daring femme fatale attitude. You love to live a limitless life and enjoys your individuality. Mysterious, dark and rebellious, you're the kind of person who does not care what other people thinks about you. Wearing a dark colored polish doesn't mean you're going back to your emo/goth era, it just screams authority and you love it. Besides, you just don't care.
TRY: OMG White Out, OMG Heart of Stone, OMG Touch of Tan, OMG Kofi
You have an eye for fashion young lady! You got the title of a modernist: the chic one who's on top of all the latest trends but sill maintains traditional, cultured and classy. You're style is simple and polished but you're not afraid to wear what you like because you know how to pull an outfit with confidence. A complete package who's as as cool as the neutral hues you wear. You go girl!
TRY: OMG Gems and OMG Glitters collection
You love the glitz and glamour you fancy lady! You're all about the bling and crave the finer things in life. You want nothing but the best and you know you deserve them. Gems, diamonds and anything that sparkle excites you. You always look forward to a luxurious night and would love to be treated as queen. Your personality definitely shines bright like a diamond.
6) RED
TRY: OMG Salsa, OMG Gems Ruby, OMG Gems Indian Red
The classic red nails definitely scream SEXY and you're a sassy lady who's steaming hot and you know it! You love to entice people with your warm sexy attitude. You love the boost of confidence that red nails give you and everyone loves that side of you. You're a confident woman who enjoys the power of your beauty. Smile and enjoy the attention!
TRY: OMG Colorless Polish
Let me guess and say that you're  a busy power woman who doesn’t  have that much time to play with colors. You hate dealing with chipped polish and would love to just keep it clean and simple. You're a confident woman who's not afraid to go "au naturel" because your nail looks good enough to stand on their own. Whenever you're feeling stylish? French tip is your bestfriend.  Your confident and bright personality is everything that you need to give you all the attention that you want.
Did you get the chance to know yourself more? It's time to show off your true colors! Find out more about OMG Products by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter and on Instagram. Keep posted for more updates on nail art tutorials and OMG promos!

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