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“OMG’s New Partner-in-Crime”: Mariel Aviado Bernardo


OMG Nails just found a new partner! Just recently, we picked one of our avid followers who keeps a nail blog account to swatch for us. We believe that there are talents that are waiting to have their moment to be in the spotlight.  Our lucky pick who shined for her wide range of designs, creativity and expertise is none other than Mariel, also known as @hotmomsnailarts. Get to know her more! Our OMG’s spotlight for the month!


Full Name: Mariel Aviado Bernardo

Nickname: Mariel/Myriel

Instagram: @hotmomsnailarts

Age: 35 years old
Every partnership is an investment: that is how Mariel sees her nail polish collection. “My nailart partner” as she describe in her own words. The 35-year-old computer engineering graduate from Malabon City found her forte by applying her artistry and close attention to details in making nail art designs. Her inspiration came from her mother who is also a lover of nail polish.
“Before she passed away, she was in to nailart done by her manicurist and she loves animal print. When she passed away, I saw her nail polishes and took over them. Then I started to practice some for myself.”
Now happily married with three kids, she maintains the bond with nail polish by experimenting and constantly practicing new nail art techniques that made her a certified nail expert overtime. Now she has 9k+ followers on her Instagram account: @hotmomsnailarts and became a known nail blogger who does reviews for nail polish and beauty brands. Check out her blog account here.
F e d c b a

*(Photos from Mariel Bernardovia Instagram: @hotmomsnailarts)
Mariel is a “people person” who loves to chat. She loves the people who love her and always make friends. As a former Quality Evaluator, she is used to talking to different customers and is well trained in providing excellent service to customers. This might be the reason why Mariel, when we asked what inspires her in keeping her nail blog account fresh and up to date, said that her followers are the inspiration behind it. She wanted to level up her skills by sharing her thoughts on every nail polish that she uses. OMG Nails believe in the same perspective!
The Chance Meetup
Can you tell us the first time you have encountered OMG nails products? What was your first impression? 
“It's been 2 years since I first used OMG nail polishes… I love the formula and the consistency of the mixture. It's like my partner whenever I do nail art.”
Why do you love OMG products? 
“I love OMG because of its formula and now, (by also) having a wide range of colors. The first time I saw gradients, I am dying to use it! And(also) OMG is the only local polish that suits the blending of the colors.”


Favorite OMG products? 
 “Of course, the nailpolish! Especially the opaque ones because they are perfect for watermarbling and gradients.”
For you what is the best nail art tip can you give to your fellow nail art aficionados?
 “Patience. In doing nail art especially watermarbling and gradients, we need to have a lot of patience.”
OMG Nails is every girl’s partner in improving their talent and knowledge in nail polish. We make sure to support everyone by providing high quality products. Make OMG Nails a part of your collection and be surprised how we could make nail art as easy as 1,2,3 just like Mariel. Let’s all be partners-in-crime in making nail art designs to die for!
Interested in becoming OMG Nails’ new swatcher? Be on the spotlight! E-mail us your proposal at Send us a sample of your work and you might just be the next girl to get featured! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram and on Twitter  for nail care tips and OMG Nails updates.


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