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Painting your Nails 101


The art of nail polish begins with the proper way to apply it. You think that everyone knows how to do this, right? Wrong! We listed down some of the few tips to make sure that you're painting a masterpiece with this "Painting your Nails 101" guide.


1. It takes three strokes

Start at the center base of your nail, then stroke the brush to the left then to the right.

nails painting

2. Start with base coat.


It makes your polish longer!  A base coat does not only give your nails a smooth surface for polish, it also strengthen your nails making it firm and solid base. It also keeps colored polish from staining your nails and acts as an adhesive to your nails and the paint which aides in extending the efficiency of your manicure. 


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< b>3. Stay away from quick-dry nail polish. 

We don't want dry skin don't we? Want longer lasting polish? How about letting polish dry in between coats? And oh, finish off with a clear topcoat. Longer application means longer lasting polish.Less is more. Thinking that coating polish thickly gives more depth of color instead of two thin coats? Think again. The thicker you actually paint, the more prone it is to chipping.

4. Keep your paint in a proper place

Storing your nail polish in a cool, dry, dark place helps the formula to last longer. Make sure that the bottles can stand upright. It will prevent any clumps of polish and will protect your polish from thickening. Want to revive old thickened polishes? Learn how by clicking this link.


5. Never shake your nail polish.


Shake well before using? We say, roll it to mix it.  We suggest rolling polish bottle in between your hands to heat it up and to properly mix the color.
Shaking it leads to creating air bubbles inside which may lead to uneven application which may result to chipped nails. We all hate those bubbles from the perfectly painted manicure right?



6. Don't cut cuticles


Push them back instead. The cuticle actually protects the new, soft keratin as it emerges onto the nail. It eventually connects the gap between the nails and the skin, so cutting them will attract more bacteria to that vulnerable area.   Read more about cuticles here.


 You can also read a full length version of this. Click here to see the OMG way to achieve longer lasting chipped-free polish hereAnd there you have it! Remember ladies, the best way to maintain a fab nail polish is to learn how to apply it the right way! For more nail care tips, kindly like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and on Instagram for more nail care tips and nail art tutorials

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