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Ruffian Nails


The good thing about trends are that they might lose their luster once but they will definitely get back from time to time. And with every trend, there's innovation, upgrades that make every style elevated intoa whole new level. One of the hottest trends this month is a revamped classic french tip, the Ruffian Nails. Learn more about it.


(Photo via Pinterest)

This manicure technique, also known as the crescent mani style, as it the Ruffian design resembles a crescent moon, is created by Creative Nail Design (CND). It was first seen in Ruffian’s Fall 2009 runway show. Years have passed and this trendy nail technique is still listed as one of the hottest in the list of girl's nail art favorites!

The key to achieving this technique is by starting with a light base coat, preferably metallic or a chrome polish, then making a curve design by topping of with either a matte or a colored polish.  Some uses french tip guides or other stickers to create the curve but some just apply the ruffian like  a normal manicure.


Ruffian nail tutorial - pink nails #halfmoonmani #nailart - & bellashoot iPhone & iPad app:

(Photo via Pinterest)

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to help you:
1. Start off with a manicure. File nails, push cuticle and make nails polish-ready.

2.  Apply 1 coat of preferred polish. This first coat will serve as the "crescent moon" so pick a good color. You can use either metallic or glitter polish as base or a colored polish as base coat then have the metallic polish as the ruffian. Let it dry before proceeding to the next step.

3. Make the ruffian by placing a drop of polish at the center of the nail then painting it downwards to where you want the ruffian to go. Then move brush upwards making a straight line till the end of the nail. Keep painting until the whole nail is fully coated.

For the actual execution of these steps, you could watch our video tutorial in the link here:

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